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I'll drop by as well, so if you have any questions for me, feel free to drop them here and I'll get back to them this afternoon!


    What's the worst tennant/landlord you've ever had the misfortune to share a house with?

    Good Morning Mr. Serrels.
    I'll drop my question first, in-depth reasoning later.

    Can you please make an enquiry with Mojang or "those in the know" about whether the MINECRAFT: XBOX EDITION will be getting dedicated server options in the future (maybe like the Rent A Server option from BF3)?

    You see, some friends and I have really been getting into the game last couple weeks. For various logical reasons, none of us able to get together and all play on PC, so the XBLA version has been a great way for us all to experience this game. However, a big issue with the game thus far has been our inability to join a single world whenever we want, as the Xbox Edition relies on joining an individual's save. And if that individual cannot jump on, we have to use someone elses world.

    So essentially, we're spending many hours on different things in fractured worlds. Instead of building all these things in one world (which would be ideal.)

    What are your thoughts on this?

      you can probably tell from the size of text, I've been waiting all week for this week's AK haha

        It's a good question. Maybe Xbox could incorporate something to do with cloud saving.

        I'm no expert, and I haven't tried this but I just thought of it, but perhaps you could all get together one time, build together etc and then all save the world on each person's Xbox/cloud wherever. Then each person has a copy and everyone can join in (this might not be an option, but this is where it gets difficult/confusing) after this, whenever some groups get together, everyone saves and whoever has the latest save should be online. Of course this is dependent on at least one person being available at all times along with many other issues, but it's a thought I came up with and thought I would share.

        The other option, which could get expensive, would be to buy another Xbox and Minecraft and have it permanently running, sort of making your own server. This would entail buying a new box, new profile with Gold and having it permanently running, of course it would be easier to rent a server, but if that's not an option, here's an expensive one!


            agh. I mean CLOUD SAVING = Genius!

            Hoogt, you're a genius too. Except for the extra xbox idea. That's terrible =P hahaha JK!

              hahah nah, my idea was pretty terrible, at least....nope pretty horrid

              Cloud Saving? Absolute genius

      everytime I have a good question towards the top of the comments you never answer any =[

    Where did your gaming handle come from?

    Mine was back in about, oh, 1997, playing Quake online (over a modem!) for the first time. I had downloaded a bunch of custom skins and chose a Batman one for my guy. I couldn't just call him Batman, so he was my Batguy instead. I liked it and have been using it ever since!

      It's kind of weird thinking about how long you've been using a handle. I've been stuck with Trjn (and TrjnRabbit) since maybe 2002. I was young and foolish and changing handles every other week. Then one day I decided Trojan Rabbit was kind of nifty.

      Except it was taken on AIM, which I was using at the time for some reason. They suggested TrjnRabbit as an alternative and the damned thing just stuck. Luckily I like the name or there would be some serious repercussions. The Rabbit part tends to get dropped these days. No particular reason, I just like having a short name.

      I used to just use the name 'Stevo' on the internet, but one day someone called me Stevorooni for some reason, so I kept it (plus it's less likely to be taken already when signing up for things).

      My nickname at work is my handle. also elton john is amazing

      Chose a randomized name in World of Warcraft, changed it a little and got Klutar. Played that character as my main for ages, and it just stuck.

      It all started in 1991. My surname, Kermeen, resulted in my obtaining the nickname of 'Kermit' from my peers in 3rd grade, which stick with me for the rest of primary school. My mother shared this somewhat, though her coworkers skipped 'Kermit' and went straight to 'Froggy'. Oddly my father, from whom the name comes, has never been burdened with such comparisons or nicknaming, at least not to my knowledge.

      I wasn't unfond of the nickname Kermit, but for some reason people were always asking me where Miss Piggy was, despite me never having had a girlfriend. I suppose if I had had a girlfriend in priamry school her nickname would've been Piggy by default.

      In high school I wanted to carry on my nickname. I wasn't going to wait 3 years until someone figured it out! I was going to beat them all to the punch and let slip to a friend early in 7th grade that my nickname had been Kermit. Word spread, but by the time it came back around to me I had lost my 't'. I was no longer Kermit. I was Kermi. "Well," I said to myself, as 12 year olds often do, "so be it."

      Kermi I was. As I was introduced to the internet, I registered as Kermi everywhere. I guess I was early enough that it wasn't common for it to be taken. IRC, message boards, anywhere you have to register for something I was there, Kermi nickname in tow. Sometimes Kermi42 in the rare occasion that Kermi was taken, but this was seldom at worst. The -42 suffix was of course in homage to the (then not) late Douglas Adams and his acclaimed Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But mostly I was just Kermi.

      Around 10th grade, my friends and I were just chatting when we randomly happened upon the subject of what we would call our companies if we, you know, owned and operated businesses of some kind. Because we were nerds we expected to build some kind of computer empire and be the next Bill Gates.

      My friend Victa, who was fortunate to actually have the initials V.I.P., wanted to call his business VIPCom. A few friends threw in their own suggestions which I don't recall, and then it was my turn. I racked my brains: Victa had VIPCom, that's brilliant! How do I compete? My nickname and technology must now be married somehow. Think Kermi, think!

      "Kermi... tron... Syst-, no... Enterprises! Kermitron Enterprises."

      From that point on Kermitron became my go-to alternative whenever Kermi wasn't available, which became increasingly common after I graduated high school in the year 2000, either due to the expansion of domestic internet usage or the sudden explosion in Muppet Show afficionados. Most likely that second one, I think.

      Although I had a broad online presence I was not substantially into gaming. I did game, but it never became necessary for me to have a gaming identity beyond entering my initials at the arcade, since I seldom gamed online.

      It wasn't until 2006 when my then-girlfriend (now wife) and I bought an Xbox 360. We'd had an Xbox and broadband internet but only when we purchased the 360 did we actually connect it to the internet. Kermi, naturally, was unavailable. Xbox Live had been around since what, 2003, 2004?

      Kermitron was available and it became my gamertag. It became my go-to name for all things related to gaming. Sometimes, sadly, Kermitron is taken as well. Can you believe it! My alternative to kermitron is kremitorn. Why? Because in 2008 there was a heavily pirated comedy mp3 known only as "Kermit and Big Bird stoned", which is three minutes of Kermit and Big Bird impersonators having a banal but amusing conversation while high. At one point Big Bird stumbles over his wording and calls Kermit 'Kremit'. So naturally, Kermitron becomes Kremitorn, as I transpose not one but both vowels with their adjacent r. Because I'm goddamn hardcore like that.

      And that's the history of my awesome gamertag.

        Sorry, I made a mistake. The Kermit and Big Bird mp3 was shared with me circa-1998, not 2008.

        The whole story is ruined now.

      Mine in also the start of my email address and the amount of times i have to correct people when they think i am trying to spell unicorn. It's a planet eating, bad arse mofo Transformer, not a horse with a piece of bone sticking out of it's head.
      P.S. When i walk around i pretend i have the music playing that plays on the Transformers animated movie whenever Unicron is on screen.
      Doo doo, doo ga doo, doo doo Chhhh. Totally untrue story.

      0x80000000 as an IEEE 754 single-precision floating-point value.

      Mine's Tokemon - from a year 10 after-formal party where one of my friends said, "What do you call Pokemon on weed? Tokemon!" I found it hilarious (being, as we all were back then, stupidly off-guts on the greenery) and instantly hijacked it for my gamertag. It's a little childish, and I don't use it on things like the Kotaku boards, but XBox Live, PSN and Steam all have me registered under it.
      Not so interesting, I guess,

      Had this handle back in the days of AOL.
      Just though of something that would describe myself, and thus Crazyguy was adopted, and then I added the 1990 as the year I was born.

      My penis.

      That's not a joke, either...

      I was 10 or something, and Swat Katz was awesome.

        Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, Swat Katz is still awesome.

    I currently get between 200 - 230 ping (of an evening) playing Diablo 3 (and I realise that's probably not too bad - but it does spike an aweful lot). Can Blizzard do anything at their end to reduce this (bar giving us a server closer to home)? Or are we just stuck with it due to our relative distance from the US server locations?

      I doubt you're going to see consistent <200ms ping for Diablo as long as we're using US based servers. You can't do too much about that sort of distance.

        Yeah, thought that might be the case. Thanks.

    Hi Mark,

    Any more news on the new Neo Geo Pocket?

    Need a portable work laptop. Don't want tiny squishy micro one, can't be a Mac.

    Any ideas?

      wait for the ivybridge ultrabooks to come out, that's what I'm doing.

      What's up Gizmodo.

    Is there a Day Z Kotaku community? And if so, where might one find it?


      this would be great if there is one. sick of avoiding everyone cause 9 times out of 10 they kill u

        Well Tom, if there isn't one, there's the two of us!

      Can you please confirm/deny when you have a chance Mr Serrels.

    Has the street date for Ghost Recon been broken in Australia?

      Has the street date for Dragon's Dogma been broken in Australia?

        Has the street date for Half Life 3 been broken in Australia?

          Has the street date for Resident Evil 6 been broken in Australia?

            Has TIME DUCKS

              Has Duke Nukem Forever....oh wait, nevermind

    What happened to those top 5 lists of lists? I liked those.

    How do you feel about the term Angry Scot Gamer?

    Not a question but a thank you - I asked for visible authors on the main mobile site a little while back, and it has been delivered.

    Any extra information about the Skyrim DLC? The teaser Bethesda gave us at the start of the month got me curious and now I'm dying for more haha.

    could the web dev make the hide show jquery toggle for comments a little smoother.

    Is there an update on the Max Payne 3 PC version release date?

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