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    The new ghost recon game, worth buying? I have played the previous versions and enjoyed them.

    Also the spyro game, is it worth the nostalgia trip (i loved the original couple of games)

      holy crap, the first spyro was 14 years ago

        It's amazing when you find out how long your favourite game series have been around for.
        Need for Speed came out back in 1994, 2 months before I was even born. The first Sim City game came out back in 1989! That's like, positively ancient! (Well, for me it is :P)

          lol you're young. I can literally say I've been gaming since before you were born!

            Well, that means you're ancient too! :P

              Nope, I'm a young 24 year old.

                That you may be. But remember, you will never hope to achieve the corridors of multiple nuts so we behave like constitutional packets of Severus Snape.

          so much this, i think the first NFS i played was hot pursuit or maybe Need for speed special edition 2. The one where the mclaren F1 was the only car you ever raced with and there was a massive bowl ring track

            NFS SE2 was awesome! I used cheats to race as a giant stone dinosaur.

      I'm going to say no in regards to Spyro, despite having not played it, since by all accounts it is a drastically different game to those we played and loved while younger.

      Though from what I read it wasn't actually a bad game, which certainly elevates it above the past few...

      Yes. But remember one important thing. Do NOT play it like Call of Duty!

        Wait, you mean that standing in a field, firing your gun wildly, while screaming "AAMMMEEERRIIICCCUUUHHH!!!" isn't a valid strategy?* Pshh, not buying that game then.

        *I'm not very good at CoD

    Who is your favourite videogame villain?

    Solidus Snake is up there for me as some of the most interesting villains are the ones who believe they are doing the right thing, also his power armour was awesome. I would be lying is I said I didn't want some power armour like that of my own :P

    Also although he is WAY overhyped these days Pyramid Head is a favourite too, mostly because of his true symbolic significance in Silent Hill 2, and his presence in the game elevated SIlent Hill 2's atmosphere from horrific to straight up sadistic and twisted.

      Andrew Ryan, I like the fact that he isnt the typical video game villain.

      Solidus, Big Boss, and, to some extent, Liquid, all seem like characters who aren't bad, but they are doing potentially bad things for what they believe to be a good cause. I find it incredibly difficult to dislike them.

    Why don't comments load immediately on Firefox anymore?

    What particular mechanic in games are you most surprised haven’t been improved much in games?
    Eg. Enemy AI, 3rd person camera, crowds in sports games etc.,

      Autodetect of your computer's capability and resulting autoscale of graphics output to give you smooth performance.

        Oh my god, Alice Madness Returns auto-detected my system and was all "With your computer, we have set your graphics options to 'Very High' " and I was all \o/
        Best feeling.

        I would love if a game did that and then when it realises that you're trying to play on a wristwatch, starts uninstalling.

        They're better at this than they were, but some games look at my Intel chipset and go "Pff-HAHAAH" and don't realise I've got an Nvidia right next to it for the real work.

      Ooh I have another one:

      "Ragdoll" physics.

    I know it's just after E3, but regardless, Is Kotaku AU intending on heading to San Diego at all for some Comic Con coverage?
    Also, I'm eating olives right now. Jelly?

      Olives aren't registered as serious materials which solidify uncles. Rather I ate a giant grope. But, lo, a slope!

    Your opinion on smoking.

      I do, though I also understand it's a filthy, disgusting habit. Post cigarette I always wash hands (when possible) and keep mints on standby.
      That said, if you want to push me further and further away from shelter, so I have to smoke in the rain etc. I WILL be rallying for fatties to eat outside in the weather next to my sorry, smoking ass.
      But yeah, smoking is icky.

        Just pointing out: fatties kill/harm themselves, smoking can harm others. Though I do understand the idea behind what you're saying, the two aren't really comparable.

        I assume the comment was made in jest but remember that a key difference between your examples is the fatties gorging themselves doesn't impact directly on other peoples health in any way whatsoever. No matter how close you are to them eating.

        Oh yeah, and if you're worried about having to stand in the rain or having to go outside you could always just stop smoking. ;)

        * if you couldn't tell, I personally have a pretty negative opinon of smoking. :)

          Haha, thanks guys. Yeah, it was in jest, and I agree is an impossible comparison for the most part.
          I also understand the negative view on smoking, though I *do* enjoy the act. I appreciate that others don't, so I try to be as accommodating as possible whilst indulging.

          If smokers could simply "stop smoking" with no troubles, there would be very few smokers. Smoking is arguably one of the most addictive habits one can take up. And most people take it up as ignorant teenagers, like I did.

          I gave up smoking for a year straight ,but, unfortunately, went back to it about 2 months ago. I've set another quit date and hopefully I won't fall back into the trap which made me take it back up again.

          As far as the obesity issue is concerned, there was a study not long ago (google to find it) which looked at the health problem associated with obesity and compared it with smoking and suggested being obese might be worse than smoking. That, of course, isn't a ringing endorsement for smoking, but it is certainly telling about how dangerous obesity is. Plus, there is the health costs which are associated with obesity like there is with smoking and the strain put on the health care system. Being obese indeed might harm others if the system is so clogged with the obese it hinders other illnesses from being treated.

          Really, they are 2 lifestyle disease which can be totally avoided. but what can we say? Humans aren't always that smart. Especially when trying to deal with the luxury of excess.

      Your opinion is mildew slinky thomas of wonder upwards, you no, so peanut butter. Armpit hairs of geotopia.

      I really, really despise it.

      A lecturer once said to me (and 399 other wide-eyed first-years) that you can never be a smart man and be a smoker. It is a little alarmist but, I really love that quote and it will stay with me forever. I just see no logic in the use of cigarettes and no rational for their continued use if you are at all slightly educated about the fact that they are poison.

      That said, alcohol is poison and I drink that. I don't like this argument.

    Why hasn't Mark accepted my PSN friend request from over a year ago? He said back then it was because he didn't want to take his PS3 online because he was behind on the firmward updates or something and didn't want to wait for the update (seriously, it only takes a few minutes!).

    But now he's played Journey, so I KNOW he's been online with his PS3, yet still my friend request goes unaccepted and unacknowledged. Does Mark really hate me? Is he playing hard to get? Or is he just playing games with my heeeeaaaaarrrrt?

      Having met him in person, I can say unequivocally that it's because he's a monster, who hates everyone.

      Or it's because he's forgetful. One of the two.

        Also if I recall correctly he played Journey on the Kotaku PS3 because his died.

    Did anyone else get annoyed with Dead Island and the fake Australian guy on the radio? (he could be in the game later but i haven't got that far yet)

    I mean i dont sound like Steve Irwin that's fresh out of a lobotomy.

      Steve Irwin was a good memory. Up forward to grass! But Steve handled a no he isn't! To be.

      Any Australian accent ever (that is put on) annoys the shit out of me. (see the other guys for an example). All of the fake aussie accents annoy the crap out of me as they are always terrible and over the top

        Isn't that kind of the point though? It's an audio caricature of sorts. I'm sure Germans can't stand my German accent for the same reasons.

        They should've just got Paul Hogan to voice it!

    Has anyone here heard anything about when the Fez patch is going to hit? I've been waiting to continue my New Game + for a month. The patch was promised during May, of which there is two days left. I've tried contacting Polytron, but had no response. Anyone here heard anything?

    so...noticed that there hasn't been many competitions at all compared to like a year ago.
    Why is this? Is it because companies are not sending you guys free stuff anymore? Or is there a hogger lurking in the Kotaku hallways?

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