Download Steam Games From The Comfort Of Someone Else’s Home (or A Public Bathroom)

Download Steam Games From The Comfort Of Someone Else’s Home (or A Public Bathroom)

Previously in beta, Valve has now properly launched a feature on Steam that lets users remotely download games.

What this means is that, if you’re on a browser or a mobile app away from home, you can start downloading things on your home PC at the flick of a button.

One first world problem down, one million to go.

Here’s the official statement:

Available immediately, users’ Steam library of games can now be managed remotely via the web. With an active Steam client running on the remote PC or Mac, users may log into the Steam web site or mobile app to access and manage their library of games, downloading pre-loads, new releases, or their latest purchases, as soon as they’re available. Head home to find your new downloads installed and ready to play upon arrival.

To kick off a remote download, simply visit your Games list on the Steam Community site, which can be accessed from your own profile using a web browser or the Steam mobile app on iOS or Android. If logged into the latest update of the Steam client on a PC or Mac, there you’ll see which games are currently installed, and have the ability to install others from your library. Or, seamlessly complete your online purchase with remote installation: When a remote session is detected, the Steam store will ask whether you’d like to download your new purchases immediately.

Now, what are you still doing here? Go give it a try!


  • Damn it, you got my hopes up. For someone with a terrible internet connection I thought you had found a way to use someone elses internet connection and browser to download the game files.
    I guess I will just have to keep installing steam, downloading and installing the game, and then backing it up and uninstalling it…..

    The day they allow us to download updates from a different computer will be the best day ever.

    • “use someone elses internet connection and browser to download the game files.”

      You’re kidding right?

      • I meant an easy way in a web browser you nong. If you had kept reading then you would have seen that I know you can do it using steam.

    • You can do this.
      I know if your friend has the same game you can copy the files, or make a backup and run the backup on your machine.
      If you copy the files I think it has to verify them and then maybe make a small update.

      You could probably also log onto your account on their machine and download any games and do the same as the above.

    • copy your steam directory to a portable hdd and turn off steam guard(temporarily,[ skip email verification stuff]) and you can run and update from any pc anywhere

  • well thats all well and good for ppl that have access to the steam app on their phones but what about wp7 users.

    we always get left behind


    • Microsoft leaves you behind with their crappy developer restrictions that make companies not want to code for it. Y do you think it took this long to get skype on it? because according to Skype, the version they developed at the time was too restrictive and too crippled because of microsofts guidelines that they officially canned it…. then started again once microsoft bought them

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