GAME Australia Lays Off 281 Employees, Closes 60 Stores

We've just gotten word that GAME Australia has begun to make staff redundant in the wake of its move into voluntary adminstration early last week. According to the administrators, PwC, 60 stores will be closed across Australia.

According to a release from PwC, 264 store employees and 17 head office employees will be made redundant.

"This is a difficult time for employees and closing the stores was not a decision we made easily," said Kate Warwick, from PwC. "However it is not financially viable to continue to operate at this level at this time.

"PwC has been in touch with the Federal Government Department that deals with General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme (GEERS) and will assist the employees with their applications."

We have no idea which specific stores will be affected at this time, but we were informed that the financial performance and profitability of these individual stores meant they had to be closed in order to give GAME a better chance of finding a buyer in the coming weeks and months.

UPDATE: The Australian Financial Review has a full list of all the stores being closed.


    Do we know how many stores GAME has total?

      I suspect maybe two will be left in SA, if that.

        looks like it's time for a trip to Marion

          Yeah the Rundle mall one was nice but now I'm right between ttp and Marion store.

            I'd say the one at TTP will close.
            It's never busy, it's 2 doors from a sucessful EB and the rent at Westfield TTP... especially near the food court, is bloody expensive.

              My local SA game store isnt on that list, it would either be listed as Colonnades or Noarlunga centre, the thing is that the store is about 6 shops down from EB games but every time i walk past or go in there they are nearly always busy or at least have people just either browsing or chatting to the staff.

                As a former employee, just to confirm, it is known as Colonnades

              if you're talking about the Tea Tree Plaza store, its staying open.... now ex game employee as of monday -.-

              I'm saddened to hear that the cute girl at Elizabeth is losing her job. Funny though, she's said EB Games have told her they're rolling out the red carpet.

          Marion's closed

        I hope I get made redundant.. 3 days before my last day.

      92 according to website:
      Was open
      Wa 10
      Vic 14
      ACT 4
      NSW 40
      NT 1
      QLD 16
      SA 7

      So thats 2/3rds stores gone, and probably same in head office staff.
      There's about 100ish?? without closures...

      I can confirm that Kotara closes sunday and charlestown tomorrow. Both NSW.

        nice confirmation.. your wrong.. last day for pretty much all stores is saturday

        They're the two closest to me as well... Damn, got some great service from the staff at both of those stores.

      GAME Greenhills is unaffected by closures as ita a franchise store. Its trading at full speed and has extensive range of stock compared to what current stores were holding as well as whole bunch of retro. If the the kotara or charly closures effect you greenhills is the next option.

      My thoughts go out to all those staff that have lost their jobs. I wish more of you could have left game when i did a handful of months ago.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          Oh and sympathies to all affected, it's a pity though when stores who treat there customers like crap stay open.....

          me thinks trolling

            funny how it seems a competitor who wants to see it close can't handle the fact its staying open - 9 years strong and highly profitable with a great customer base. Many customers of kotara and charlestown are customers of greenhills. if youre going to bag people on here be prepared to back up your statements

              I love the greenhills store. So much cool retro stuff. I'm glad to hear they're staying open. I reccomend anyone who lives in the area go pay a visit, you might find something that reignites your childhood!

        I was a former store manager at Game back early this year and left in February due to my suspicion that game would be heading this way. There was too much unesessary stock recalls

    game employee here. just lost my job lol. back to stacking shelves at nightfill :(

      Sorry to hear that man, hope it comes good in the end...

        Atleast your able to keep a positive attiude

      Ah man, sorry to hear. I also used to work for Game and have a lot of friends that still do, so I feel for you.

      Sorry to hear that mate -- you've posted here before, right? I'm sure I've noticed your name before.

      You'll find something better. No doubt. Good luck!

      That sucks for you, but when you saw that Game was going into trouble you probably should have jumped ship then.

      Sorry to hear that :(
      Best of luck getting new work

      Best of luck mate. I have been through 2 adminstrations in my working life, and I know your pain. You will deffinantly move onto bigger and better things, I primice. :-)

      Sorry :( So did my husband, so I feel for u. Best of luck

    About 100/110 I think.

    GAME previously had close to 100 stores. I'm sorry for all of the affected employees that your jobs have been sacrificed due to the mismanagement of the company that we both used to work for.

    I'll be surprised if there are more than 2 stores left in WA after it's done. Joondalup and Rockingham will be all that's left, I reckon.

      I doubt Midland Gate will stay open, it hardly ever has anyone in it. Same to be said even for the one in Forrest Chase, even that is usually empty!

        Yes, we'll be closing down. We found out no more than an hour before this article went, but we've been told to put everything on clearance for the time being.
        Time to keep throwing that resume around again. Oh well, 2 years with the company and I can't say I regret any of it, it was fun while it lasted. Cheerio, chaps and lasses, I have a lot of remerching to do, so if you'll excuse me.

          Sorry to hear that Bro. Makes me glad you guys turned me away when I applied for a job there a few months back.

      Supplying the west coast is an expensive process. Wouldn't be all that surprised if they canned all their stores over there and focused on rebuilding solely from the east coast only

        Discussions while passing through the city seemed to indicate that Rockingham was the 'shining jewel'. If anything, it'll stay.

          Carousel and Rockingham will be the only two stores to continue to operate in WA.

            Carousel is my local store so im happy to see that stay although eb games around the corner from carousel is always way more packed so im surprised Game carousel must have been doing good.

      All that's staying open is rockingham and carousel for now, but they will close too soon

    What a nice way to start off the weekend ...

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Why buddy? Why be a dick? I just got a call from my manager, who was literally in tears. Im now in a very nasty situation. Real people are losing real livelihoods.

      Why buddy? Why be a dick? I just got a call from my manager, who was literally in tears. Im now in a very nasty situation. Real people are losing real livelihoods.

        hope stuff gets sorted quick mate.
        there is a time and place to be a prick, this is not one of those josh.

      kicking individual employees when they're down due to head office policies is kind of a dick move...

        He wasn't saying anything about individual employees : /
        His comment was about the way GAME were doing business, granted it doesn't fit in with the rest of the comments, but that doesn't make what he said any less true, that's how business works, not sure why, or even HOW people are taking it as a personal attack.

        Also, sorry to all those posters who just lost work, not a great time to be unemployed (not that there ever is)

          He said "you". Whether that was intentional or not, it still stings to the person reading it.

          Probably cause he said "you". That's generally an indicator that it's personal.

      Picky with trade in games? We have to sell them not throw them away. Would you want to buy a scratched up game?

      GAME can be very competitive, and often do specials and discounts on new retail stock in order to push retail numbers as compared to pre-owned of the same game(s). I've gotten quite a few games new that were easily much cheaper, this way.

      So don't post half a comment next time, Josh.

    I bet there is a bunch of higher ups with fat pay that won't be considered redundant.

      I bet you're wrong Techa.

    lost my store and job too. not a surprise tho. hope all the rest of you ex-gamers find work fast WE TRIED OUR HARDEST!!!=)

      Damn straight we did. Ah well, it's always been fun, but all good things come to and end. Time to open another path in life.

      thats crap, the guys at tuggernaong just sit around, and their store is still open.

    92 stores total, leaving 32 open. Fingers crossed one of the ones left open is Watergardens...

      Watergardens won't remain open.. The only ones that stay in Vic are Ringwood (Eastlands) and another one in the outers and not for much longer either, they are just staying open to try and get rid of all the stock from other stores, after that they close too.

      Source: Now ex Game employee

    Only carousel and rockingham will stay open in WA

    Hmmmm well that's a sucky way to start off the weekend. I was going to go for a casual job at one of the ACT stores until i heard about all this stuff going on. I bet that if i went for that job i would have been one of the people who got layed off lol......go figure....

    Hate to say it :( But I'm glad I left when the writing was already on the wall. I feel sorry for all my friends who are now in this shit position.

    It's such a shame when an inept company is held up by the staff at floor level... Only to crumble and THEY are the first to take the hit. Such crap

      Thats the way the world works man. As shitty as it sounds its always the underlings that get kicked out the door first.

      Be glad that you were smart enough to abandon ship when you did.

    Bloody Friday afternoon cynics (not you guys). Low act.

    another game employee here, lost my job too.. I suppose better head back to the ocean and try to catch another fish! :(

    Glad they're going to help with GEERS stuff. It's definitely important that suddenly jobless staff have a chance to take at least some of their accrued entitlements with them when they leave.

    Best of luck to all affected staff.

      The employees will still have to wait around for the company to enter liquidation before GEERS can really do much, unless the minister applies discretion to allow their claims to be processed.

    Civic is down in Canberra, and Riverside in NSW. All other CBR stores are (for now) safe.

    ...and it begins. Sympathy for all affected by the lay-offs.

      hear hear...

    This would be sad for people losing their jobs but I jsut lost my pre-order!

    and that's the most important thing about this whole situation, obviously! ]:<

    That's sad news. Every Game store I've ever been into had really nice staff, I hope those affected by this are able to find more work super fast.

    Just a quick comment about GEERS. While the system works, and the paperwork is relatively easy - do NOT expect the money for at least four months. Sadly these things tend to take quite some time to get completely sorted.

    Best of luck to everyone.

    Very sad, its such a pitty their prices were so uncompetitive :-( in 8 years i mite have bought maybe 3 games tops ?

    its sucks really , when they have a sale they usually have a pretty dam good sale but i have notices over the last 6 months they they range has dropped massively. best of luck to everyone!

    My sympathies to all who have lost their jobs. Don't know if this helps, but for Victorian Game staff the company I work for are currently hiring for call centre positions located in Mill Park and Werribee. Its not retail, but you'd have stacks of transferable skills. Details here:

    Another affected by the closures, what a great call on a Friday.
    My job at GAME was helping me support myself while I work at an indie developer as a concept artist, trying to get our first big I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue, and I've put 1.5 years of hard work into trying to realize my dream...thanks GAME, thanks a lot.

      Hang in there mate. I know its shit now and you feel like all your plans are ruined but there not. I have been in the same situation as you before and at the time my old company went down the toilet I had a baby due in 3 weeks and wondered if I could feed it.
      Trust me, Its not the end of the world and it may even be the push you need to get an even better job. It was for me.

        My mate works for one of the sydney stores being closed. He has a baby due in 9 days. These are the people that the company shits all over.
        Myself, I used to work with him but I bailed out about 3-4 months ago and haven't looked back.
        I cross my fingers for those staff that are effected by the closures, I feel for them all.

    This sucks to hear, especially about the Charlsetown store. Always found James to be very friendly and just good for a chat.

      James is a god damned sexual-tyranosaur. A god among men. Totally tits!

      Thanks man, that means a lot!

      Come in tomorrow and I can figure out who you are, give you a high five and swap online details.

        can i have high 5's too please james?

        if i had a job at Greenhills you'd get it. Just need to kill one of my staff.

        What time are you working?

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