Leaked Copernicus Screens Look Like A Futuristic World Of Warcraft

Most likely spilled by a disgruntled current/former employee of developer 38 Studios, which isn't exactly having the best time of it at the moment, a Kingdoms of Amalur fansite has what sure look like the first screens from Copernicus, the codename for 38's upcoming MMO.

While we recently got to see a trailer for the game, it was all environments. This one shows some actual people, and while the World of Warcraft influence is certainly there, I like to think this is what World of Warcraft would look like in 2012 if it didn't still look like a game from 2004.

You guys deserve this [38 Watch, thanks Eric]


    Looks awesome to me. I hope they make it through and this comes out.

    Cartoon like but not bad at all - nice textures.

    Anti aliasing, perhaps you've heard of it 38 :D

      you dont need AA at hi res

        Maybe at 4K... I sure as shit can still see plenty of jaggies at 2560x1600.

        Anyway promo screen shots should look nice :)

    The last 2 screens reminds me of the art style for DotA 2

    Everything looks like it's made of plastic. The enviroments look ok but I don't really like those character models. It's like someone photoshopped some pictures of some toys into a video game.

      I was thinking the same, the horse in the first pic looks like it is made out of porcelain.

    This looks incredible... itll stay on my "keep an eye on" list if it ever comes to fruition though the mmo scene is getting VERY crowded.

    The game that's obviously dead since the studio is closing - http://www.joystiq.com/2012/05/24/38-studios-and-big-huge-games-lay-off-entire-staffs/

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