Pikachu Will Destroy You With A Big Yellow Sword

In my time, I've seen a lot of Pikachu cosplay, but I've never seen anything as bizarre (or wonderful) as this. If Nintendo ever does a Pokémon reboot (I doubt it will), it should give the Pocket Monsters battle gear and giant swords. So they can beat the crap outta each other.

This was spotted at Anime North 2012. More in the links below.

Anime North [Koi Aichaku via DannyChoo via Albotas]


    Looks like a Power Rangers villain

      Doesn't everything that comes out of Japan?

    I wonder how many pikachus he had to hunt to get the mats.

    looks like a Monster Hunter gear from killing Pikachu

    Isn't that Digimon?

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