Scammers Behind Fake Version Of Angry Birds Ordered To Refund Customers

Scammers Behind Fake Version Of Angry Birds Ordered To Refund Customers

There is a legitimate, free version of Angry Birds for Android. But one app that appeared on the Android Market (now Google Play) last year wasn’t it. It was a fake, a piece of malware explicitly designed to part phone owners from their cash. Now, the scammers that took the money have been ordered to give it back.

The BBC reports that a company in Latvia has been assigned stiff fines for deliberately misleading consumers with fake versions of popular mobile games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. To users, the fake games downloaded properly but appeared never to launch correctly after install. In reality, on launch the apps sent the user three hidden SMS messages at a cost of £5 ($7.80) each. The messages were hidden in such a way that the phone user would have no idea the messages existed until receiving the bill.

The firm behind the malicious apps has been issued a fine of £50,000 (approximately $US78,300), plus ordered to refund bilked customers to the tune of £28,000 (nearly $US43,400).

While Google Play does not use the same review process for software that the iTunes App Store does, that hasn’t stopped bogus games from appearing on iOS devices, either. As always, research and caution are a consumer’s best friends.

Firm fined over Angry Birds and Cut The Rope scam [BBC News]


  • Meh.

    There’s been a scamming company using ITUNES APP STORE for past 18 months or more first going by the name of TOP BEST ADULT entertainment and they have been changing their name regularly from the start. They are now known as PLAYMORE and they put 2 bit (literally) pieces of crap on the appstore which stay high on the charts simply because they show pictures of MINECRAFT in their screenshots, people buy it..they don’t bother refunding as it’s only a couple of bucks. I’ve complained a few times and i’m sure millions of others have too yet APPLE refuse to act. Their current scam game sits at number 17 of the Top Charts on itunes “world of blocks”. Seriously, is there no one at Apple with any power to recognise a scam, or is it all some giant “the CUBE” thing running on it’s own?

    • lesson for u to learn, read the comments b4 u download, or if there are none, wait for someone else

  • Since when was the appstore main chart buyer beware on this kind of level ? Thanks for the fantastic tip tom. Don’t forget to look left, right and left again when crossing the road.

  • Ahh, m73 I was actually just seeing the messages from all the scammed people. It’s so pathetic someone has to do that to make money. A majority of the victims children. It’s so sad someone has to stoop so low. I mean the only reason i didn’t fall for it was because 1. I’m broke as hell on iTunes And 2 the reviews. But I bet if Tom got scammed like u did he’d be bitching about it too. I honestly hope everyone gets their money back… But let’s face it. Whose that nice now a days. If I was still in NYC id stand out there with a picket sign and make a scene ! Haha. Best of luck. May karma bite them in the nuts

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