Tell Us Dammit: What Have Video Games Taught You?

I was off sick yesterday. And I took that opportunity to try and get Gold in all of the tracks in Trials Evolution. Anyone who's ever played Trials knows how difficult that is, particularly with the Extreme tracks. But you know what, I've learned something from the experience. What about you guys — what have video games taught you?

Playiong Trials Evolution, I had a real epiphany. I learned that, even if something initially seems impossible, it can usually be done if you simply persevere and push forward. Set your goals incrementally, and you'll most likely be able to achieve them. Obviously there are things I'll most likely be unable to do, but perseverance is often the key to success.


Anyway — enough of my self-help babble — what have video games taught you?


    You can heal everything with some antibiotic gel, a scalpel and the ability to slow down time. Provided you don't rage quit.

      pffftt... that is so old school, everyone now knows you just have to stay out of harms way and all your injuries just magically heal! :p

        What about the demon heart spiders though?

          You mean, you didn't get your Demon Heart Spider inoculation before heading out? For shame! :p

            I'm fine but there are some poor people out there with allergies and whatnot. Performing surgery on them is always a pain.

              meh, let the weak die... then just steal their stuff! :)

              What about disarming bombs with nothing but your surgical tools?

                That's fairly routine these days.

    It's not theft if you're on an adventurer!

    As long as there's a convenient hay bail or cart full of rose petals i can jump from any height and sustain no injuries

      Try it with a grappling hook, you get back down to the ground faster and yet still with no pesky inertia to deal with.

    People love storing their money in pots, crates, barrels and whatever else they can find.

    If I am attacked & mortally wounded by a gang of thugs in the street one night &, in escaping, happen upon a chicken drumstick laying on the pavement ... I'll be fine!! : D

    Need for Speed taught me how to escape from the police.
    Sim City taught we about wanton destruction.
    Age of Empires taught me how to wipe out entire civilisations.
    Rollercoaster Tycoon taught me how to make people really sick/upset

      Clearly you were not playing Rollercoaster Tycoon properly. You should have learned elaborate ways to make people dead.

        Like drowning stupid mascots, or making a rollercoaster car plunge down into a canyon in a fiery ball of death?
        Or trapping a bunch of visitors on a platform way up in the air and then deleting the platform >:D

          Something like that.

          Or, you know, mid-air collisions and entering bodies of water at terminal velocity.

    Mushrooms are a fantastic growth supplement.

    From driving games I learnt- driving on the wrong side of the road is more fun.

    The industry as a whole taught me not to put too much trust in a company, they will screw you eventually.

    I just can just take whatever I want..peopel really dont mind

      Well, some people DO mind.
      Unless you put a bucket on their head first.

    It may appear that there are 6 billion people in the world but it's actually just 100 or so people that have been replicated.

    Hacking involves complex plumbing. The good thing is no one will bother you while you do it.

    Looking at my super-spy watch (now with built-in laser!) will cause all hostile persons to wait politely before resuming a gunfight.

      After which, said hostiles will be shot mid-barrel roll but won't die until they have finished the full roll.

    I learned that, even if something initially seems impossible, it can usually be done if you simply persevere and push forward.

    Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb?

    I learned a fair bit of fairly outdated geography trivia by playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego a while back. I also first learned to program by writing addon stuff for some games, does that count?

    NO matter how big and scary something is, i can beat it if i am simply more clever. That and that eyes on monsters are like the groin of the head.

      You need to make a book of quotes my friend.

    Trials taught me that i was insane.
    To quote Einstein. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    I learned from Skyrim that I can solve all my problems by just shouting at them.

    That, according to the diagnosis of numerous 15 year olds, I apparently prefer the company of men.

    Games taught me you can never underestimate the power of nostalgia to cloud objectivity.

    Games taught me that if you walk into a room full of ammo and health packs, then chances are you're about to come across some serious shit.

    Crates always contain very useful things and never ever contain boring crap.

    We are not alone on this planet.

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