Tell Us Dammit: Game Of The Half Year?

Okay, so we're roughly about halfway through 2014: what have been your favourites games of the year so far?

Strangely most of my favourite games this year have been slightly inferior sequels to games I actually really loved.

Like Dark Souls II: great game, but didn't have the same impact on me as the original Dark Souls. Trials Fusion: another brilliant effort, but weak track design compared to the superlative Trials Evolution.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is another one. I'm loving it so far — brilliant level design, consistently inventive, but doesn't quite seem to be the game the first one was. Technically, it's an improvement but — like Dark Souls II — couldn't possibly have the same impact as its predecessor.

Those are the three games I've enjoyed the most so far. There's been a couple of others — I loved Bonza on iOS, and Mario Kart 8 is amazing. But what are some of your favourite games of 2014 so far? Let us know in the comments below.


    Can I choose the destiny alpha? Most interesting thing I've played that's been released this year.

    Failing that, infamous second son. 2014 has been really dry. This is the year of delays.

    Edit: Mario kart 8 is also definitely a contender

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      the most fun i have had gaming this year was the destiny alpha

      mario kart 8 is great as well and i am still enjoying it.

      but really nothing has grabbed me so far this year.

      I sadly only got onto it for a couple of hours, but I was very impressed (and fortunately played it long enough that I heard the "That wizard came from the moon!" line... hahaha). Pretty excited about it now.

    MK8 is getting constant play at our house, definitely the favourite for this financial year.

      Yeah Mario Kart 8 for me has gotta be up there. It's the first "next-gen" game that actually convinced me to buy a "next-gen" console.

      So I don't own a PS4 or XBone yet, so I can't really speak for any games that have released on either of them in the first 6 months of the year. But MK8 is a definite contender regardless.

      I picked up DKC: TF when I bought my Wii U but haven't played it yet. Loved the first one so I'm sure I'll love this one too, but don't have a first hand opinion just yet.

      Damn it! I really hate that abbreviation because anytime someone mentions it I think of Mortal Kombat.

        Lol me 2

    Well...I've only been playing for two days, but 'Boom Beach', Supercell's follow up game to 'Clash of Clans' is the shiz.

    I'd probably say Mario Kart 8 if I had played it though.

    Prob have to say Tomb Raider Definitive for singleplayer game even though it technically came out last year, I enjoyed it allot more second time round, and Titanfall for multiplayer.

    Donkey Kong, Mario Kart and Wolfenstein would be all top of the list for me but reckon I'll have to go with Mario Kart 8 because ultimately it's a game I'll coming back to for a while yet.

    Easy one for me; South Park: Stick of Truth.

    I don't really feel as though there's been one for me. I've spent more time on Lego: The Hobbit than anything else soooo... That?

    South Park: Stick of Truth. One of the few games I actually finished. I can't even remember anything else.

    Mario Kart, unquestionably. I haven't bought a whole lot this year but even if I had, I doubt anything would compare. Certain friendships are already on the line and that's how you know they've delivered.

    South Park, Wolfenstein, Mario Kart 8, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

    I don't think I've played a game that come out this year apart from Titanfall, because I've been working through my backlog - though I've still bought several games like south Park and Thief, I haven't actually gotten around to playing them. I don't want to call it for a multiplayer-only game (despite it being very good), so uh... I don't know.

      Thief is ok, the controls are a bit wtf on pc and a few annoying audio glitches but it's still fun. Getting around the city map if you dont want to kill anyone can be really frustrating.

    In terms of games that have come out this year, I'm going to have to say Wolfenstein: The New Order.

    I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. After all, it's just a single-player only FPS. But it was That's really the only way I can describe it.

    Titanfall was spectacular fun for a couple of months, but I will admit I haven't touched it for a while.

    If alphas count, I'd have to say Destiny.

      Wolfenstein for met too.

      If you'd have told me a year ago that I'd enjoy a Wolfenstein game more than Watch Dogs I'd have called you mad...

      Wolfenstein gets my vote too.

      Came in to say Wolfenstein as well. Totally unexpected, but if I'd known the pedigree of the developer earlier I'd probably have been less surprised. Who knew that a game from a franchise about a square-jawed action man murdering Nazis could have a story with subtlety and detail, an engaging narrative and a love story that actually felt natural and interesting? The way they basically take the fact that the character and the game are relics from an older era and actually work that into the story is really clever.

      Looked amazing and played really well too. Nice throwback to older style FPS mechanics.

        Also, the inclusion of the Wolfenstein 3D game as an easter egg... brilliant.

      Man, I completely forgot about Wolfenstein. Definitely this. Great game.

    Dark Souls 2 would easily be my favourite game this half year although I agree that it's slightly lacking in some areas. I don't normally have the motivation to continue through a long game right to the end without having a break from it (68 hours to finish without the optional bosses, yet!).

    One that completely surprised me by how good it was is Wolfenstein: The New Order. I'd almost forgotten that an FPS could actually be fun and engaging. Once I play through a bit more of that I expect it will be up there in my top games of the year.

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    Transistor! It was a bit short but I enjoyed every damn second of it!

    Stupid new generation means that I can’t even think of a game of the year contender to this point.

    Even the good stuff (Titanfall) hasn’t been truly great.
    I’m betting that by the end of the year Dragon Age: Inquisition will be my top pick.

    The Walking Dead might be close again but that would be a pretty boring pick given that it’s not a big leap over the last winner (I haven’t played it at all yet I’ll start a few days before the final episode come out).
    That said, if it can be a very polished Mario Kart game then I guess it can be a new Walking Dead.

    Hands down the most memorable for me so far has been Wolfenstein. What I thought was going to be an average romp through an alternative take on WW2 became an extremely satisfying shooter. Not to mention the surprisingly good plot.

    Best news I've seen in recent times is that MachineGames are very interested in a sequel.

    My vote would go to Watch dogs primarily because its the only game iv purchased that was release in 2014 lol

      I was about to say me too but i remembered i got the lego movie game as well however Watchdogs is far superior to that.

    Hmm... not sure I've actually played any games from this year other than DKCTF. But I absolutely loved that, even moreso than DKCR.

    Oh I guess there was FTL: Advanced Edition, if you count that.

    Wolfenstein The New Order. SO damn good.

    Rocksmith 2014 - it has this year in the title, so it counts... right? Plus, the majority of at least half of a good amount of awesome DLC came out for it this year so far!
    Wow... looking back, the first half of this year hasn't really seen that many great releases. Hyped releases, certainly, but no real jewels. I fell like I've spent most of my time in Minecraft, Rocksmith and Anno, and all the amazing games I've finished this year were from my backlog.

      Rocksmith is great...

      I was kind of dissapointed that a new version wasn't announced at this years E3.

    Can I count 2048 ? been playing it waaay to much for my own good. Seriously ...

    Borderlands 2 for PSVita. It's blowin' my mind!

    a) Mario Kart 8
    b) South Park: Stick of Truth
    c) Luftrausers

    I'm guessing playing though FFIX on Vita doesn't count but that game was RAD.

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