Tell Us Dammit: What Games Would You Like 'Remade'?

Or 'remastered'. Either is fine.

It seems as though I've spent most of this year playing 'old' video games. Metroid Prime on the Wii U, Grim Fandango on the PS Vita. Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time playing Dark Souls II on the PS4. That got me thinking: I'd love to see a HD remaster of Demons Souls. What games would you like to see remade/remastered?

The way I see it there are certain games that 'suit' being remade. Cult classics that many ignored first time round — like Demons Souls — or games that were almost there, but technical issues let them down. Those are the types of games I'd like to play again, on newer technology. I thought Majora's Mask was a perfect game for a remake, for example.

It probably doesn't make any financial sense, but I'd like to see Jet Force Gemini remade, I'd like to see an updated version of Fate of Atlantis. I'd love to see a HD version of Super Mario Sunshine.

How about you?


    Secret of Mana, Chrono trigger, Secret of Evermore, Uni-Rally. The list is much longer than that but it's a start.

    dino crisis 1 and 2, tony hawks 1 and 2, twisted metal 1 and 2, mass effect 1-3, resident evil 2 and nemesis, overboard! and time crisis 1.

      The majority of levels from Tony Hawk 1 + 2 were remade in 2012 as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD.
      They also added a few levels from 3 as DLC a bit later.

        But no offline multiplayer, which suuuuucks.

          Yeah, no offline multiplayer put me off before it was even released.

        Yup, but the physics and the handling sucked a big one. Unresponsive and clumsy compared to the flawless controls of the original(s).

    Dragon Age Origins, with enhanced combat, improved functions, removed glitches and crisp graphics. Unbeatable.

    Grim Fandango Hang on...

    Full Throttle, not as a 3D game but as HD animation would be sweet. Still sounds great, but it's a bit pixelly.

    I'd also love a remaster or director's cut of XIII

    Full Throttle. It would be really good as an iOS game. I was watching play through videos the other night and godddd it's so good.

      One Lucasarts game I never finished. Always thought I only just started it but @dc told me I was nearly at the end. Which jeez, it was short. Quality though.

        Yeah, it wasn't long at all, but god, it was SO good. I played that game almost every weekend for like, six months when I was a kid. First DOS computer and it came preinstalled :D

    Timesplitters so we can play online multi.


      TS 2&3 as a single HD repack with all the crazy MP intact

        TS3 is so, so, soooooooooooooooooooooo good.

        It was the reason I bought and was subsequently disappointed by the PS2 LAN adapter.

          My brother and I used to splitscreen the shit out of all 3 games in that series.

          He was devastated when The Impersonator got cut from 3.

      I'm always glad someone says Timesplitters :')

      This is one trilogy that I hoped at least had the HD collection onto the PS3... maybe the PS4 will be luckier.

    Blast Corps. It's a brilliant game for showcasing what next-gen hardware can do.

    Obligatory Final Fantasy 7
    Legend of Dragoon would be a perfect candidate for a remake!

    If we are talking technical issues, then yes I'd love to see a PS4 version of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and Skyrim

    I never finished Skyrim and would love to :)

    Shenmue 1 & 2. Original Deus Ex.

      Deus Ex would have to be totally remade like Abe's Oddysee was, re-recorded voice acting and all. One of my favourite games ever but the VA in that game is horrendous....

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS4)
    Dark Souls: Prepare To Die (PS4)

      i would love to play those games remastered although i have and xbox one and originally played them on xbox 360

    Oh my, a remake of Fate of Atlantis... hold me Serrels.

    Shadow Hearts trilogy, because the world could use more Shadow Hearts.

    Red Dead Redemption

    [It doesn't *need* one. It's just my PS3 died and it's the one game I REALLY wish I could play on my PS4]

      God i wish they released RDR on pc.

        Amen to that! There are rumors of a sequil with current gen consoles AND PC... If true happy!

    Final Fantasy VI in a 3D engine.
    Jones in the Fast Lane.
    and Aladdin (the not-SNES, not-Capcom one)

    Necromancer and M.U.L.E from the Atari 800, and a proper remake of Starglider and Carrier Command from the Atari ST days.
    Rescue on Fractulus would be cool too!

    Bf1942, bf2, star wars jedi knight series, KOTOR, MOH allied assault, call of duty united offensive

    GTA vice city. It had the best city and characters IMO (though that's probably just because it's a blatant scarface ripoff).

    Descent, that old fighter FPS (yes I've had this handle since then).
    And lastly, streets of rage. Although really I just want a side scroller beat em up like that. Anyone know any that are good other than crashers?

      Descent is on my list... in fact, I had it as my number 1 game to be remade/remastered the last time Mark asked this question.

      Apparently some ex-devs from Star Citizen are working on a Descent-style game, working title is (hold on to your hats)... Ships that Fight Underground.

    I want an updated Final Lap Twin. The world needs another RPG RC racing game!

    I would also like the see Crystalis from the NES remade.

    MW2. There I said it.

    Also, a new Jet Set Radio could be fun.

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