The Game Of Thrones Minecraft Project Is Getting More And More Spectacular

The Game Of Thrones Minecraft Project Is Getting More And More Spectacular

By now you must be familiar with WesterosCraft, the long-running (and long-insane) project to reconstruct the entire world of Game of Thrones on a single Minecraft server.

Project lead Jacob Granberry has been cranking out videos of the project all month, and it’s looking better than ever. Here are some of the team’s creations:


Best known as the castle where Stannis Baratheon rules, Dragonstone is an old-school Valyrian creation that’s chock full of dragon-themed rooms and furniture.

Castle Black

Situated next to the gigantic, icy Wall, Castle Black is home of Jon Snow and the rest of the Night’s Watch, who protect the North from spooky things.


Pyke is the castle of House Greyjoy, best known as “a bunch of d**ks”.

The Eyrie

Crazy old Lysa Arryn lives here along with her son, crazy young Robert.

The Sunspear Water Gardens

The lovely, private palace where the princes of Dorne spend most of their holidays.


  • Some people have too much time on their hands. All very clever and all, but so many manhours spent doing something so pointless. Plus, havn’t Minecraft and Game of Thrones ‘jumped the shark’ by now?

    • With that number of people would only take a few days if that to build that stuff in Minecraft… and i believe Game of Thrones is old now but MC still kicking

    • I’ve never understood this attitude. Yes, they spent a lot of their time building this. But how much time do you spend playing video games, reading books, reading gaming websites, looking at porn and picking your nose?

    • I’d say it’s a more worthwhile use of time than judging how other peiople use their time.

    • you do realise people are still playing Quake right? Does this means when a game has been out for a while we shouldn’t play it any more?

      • Also, Minecraft just broke all records on release for XBLA, a month ago or so, so no, very much on the shark….

  • This… this right here… is freaking AWESOME.
    Artistic pursuit is not a waste of time, especially when it inspires or even just simply entertains the audience.


  • Watch the pyke video, I had it open in the background and pissed my self laughing when I saw someone build an IKEA sign on the side of one of the castles.

  • lol I don’t watch GoT (yet!) but at season 2 it’s hard to imagine them having jumped the shark… although the internet generation has a short attention span!

  • As a long time reader of A Song of Ice and Fire Im really starting to dread this TV series. Not because of the changes to characters or story, but because I feel that George wrote the last book in such a way as to make it television friendly. Very hard to describe, but A Dance With Dragons felt more like reading a screenplay than an Ice and Fire novel. Feast was mediocre, but it still felt like a novel.

    • Au contraire, if anything, the sheer amount of spergy ridiculous details in A Dance With Dragons would make it very unfriendly for television. Dany’s really bizarre, final ‘poo’ chapter come to mind.

      I used to think Matthew Reilly’s books were pretty cool when I was a teenager but later on realised that they’re basically action movie screenplays in book format.

    • Funny you also though Fest was poor. I am reading through for the first time and it just isnt engaging me the way the first 3 books have. I couldnt put them down but am struggling through.

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