The Man Wanted To Talk Diablo III. He Wanted To Talk Murder

Earlier this week in Poland, a 30 year-old computer company employee arrived at working wanting to do two things: talk about Diablo III and his plan to kill people.

His talk and behaviour freaked his co-workers out. Frightened, one of the man's colleagues escaped through the window. At the same time, another individual contacted the police after noticing a post on a social networking site from a Diablo III fan claiming he was going to kill people.

Police were able to link to what was happening at the computer company to the online post. Once officers arrived on the scene, the 30 year-old asked them if they were going to join him in killing people.

The police subdued the man and disarmed him (the man was carrying three large knives). He is currently under observation in a psychiatric hospital, where doctors suspect his actions are the result of a personality disorder.

The original news appeared in the Gazeta Wyborcza, one of Poland's leading papers.

Fanatyk gry Diablo III chciał zabijać ludzi [Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań edition Thanks lampak!]


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Yeah Franz, some unhinged guy planning to kill his co-workers. It's a real laugh and a half.

    That whats happens when you listen to the voices in your head

    Wait for it......Queue the argument about how Video games create mass murderer's.

      at least this articles says
      "He is currently under observation in a psychiatric hospital, where doctors suspect his actions are the
      result of a personality disorder."
      so there may be some hope

        What Video games cause personality disorder just wait till i tell my boss at fox news!

    Even insane people look forward to Diablo 3.

    NEWS: "Diablo 3 making people homicidal, anti violence in games groups outraged"

    Maybe all the DRM and server issues drove him to criminal insanity?

    It's not so much the videogame that drove him to violence:

    Blizzard making it nigh impossible for him the enjoy an experience he'd waited over a decade for, even after he paid for it.

    Picture the above scenario for anything else you've waited a long time to have/be with/ enjoy and you can see how a certain amount of rage could be inspired.

    Certainly not justification but no doubt a contributing factor.

    maybe Diablo made him talk about it. Instead of just doing it.

    "This man wanted to kill people. We think there might be something wrong with him. A personality disorder, perhaps."

    Nobel prize nominee, right there.

    Couldnt get past inferno act 1 without resorting to you blame him? :/

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