These Guys Are Selling Diablo III Packaging (But Not The Game!)

I can't quite decide whether this is the worst idea ever, or the best. Picture the situation — you bought a digital version of Diablo III, but deep in your heart you regret the decision. Not because of the game itself, but as a result of the fact you don't have a Diablo III box! Fret not! Your prayers have been answered! If you head to KenGamer you can actually buy the Diablo III packaging for two dollars!

Yes, this is correct. You can actually buy all of the standard Diablo III packaging — including the guest passes — for two bucks. It contains absolutely everything except the CD Key.

Crazy. But yeah, go nuts everyone!


    Can someone answer this question for me: Is there a significant gameplay difference between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3?

      Yes, the classes are very different and there is a lot more experimentation with skills and builds. No if you mean "do you just click things to make them die?"

      Yes and no.

      It still plays like a Diablo game. Lots of clicking, lots of fun.

      The classes play differently from Diablo 2 and the changes to the stats and skills make a big difference. You can't just put enough Strength to equip things then max out Vit. Now you're looking for equipment that gives to your classes's god stat (Dex for Monks/Demon Hunters, Int for Wizards/Witch Doctors, Str for Barbarians).

        OK. Follow up: If I didn't enjoy Torchlight, because I found the core gameplay experience to be shallow and boring, is it likely that I will have the same thoughts in regards to Diablo 3?

          It's a much more fulsome experience than Torchlight.

          All I can suggest is you get your hands on a guest pass.

      More difference between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 than there is between Diablo 2 and Torchlight.


        I'll elaborate.. in diablo 2 tristram is in europe... in Diablo 3 tristram is in asia.
        Diablo 2 plays more like nethack. Diablo 3 plays more like titan quest.
        The way the player builds their character is totally different in diablo 3, in diablo 3 the user builds their char around the gear, in diablo 2 the user builds their stats and gears up around the build they have made.

    nothing different to what airlines do.. buy a ticket, "oh, you wish to bring luggage, $$", "oh you'd like a window seat, $$", "a drink or sandwich? $$", "toilet? $$", "headphones? $$", "you wish to sit next to eachother? $$".. ok last one was probably an exaggeration.

    You get what you pay for.

      Geez exageration much on a plane ticket pricing and the extras you pay for? Most (if not all) full service carriers wont slug you for the extras. LCC's will because its their business model.

    Thats the one thing i dont like about digital downloads i never get a physical copy but thats just me

      Thats the one thing I like about digital copies, no more ugly boxes taking up space and collecting dust. My game pile would of touched the ceiling by now if I had of bought all physical copies.

      That said I did buy a physical copy of D3, as much for the box as the $10 saving.

    I think I may actually buy that. Bought the digital edition cause I was lazy, may be buying a new computer soon, don't want to have to re-download it.

      It's a Blizzard game. Just dump the installed files only an external hard drive and copy them over. It works with every Blizzard game I've ever owned and I see no reason why it shouldn't work with Diablo.

    Only a few problems with this scheme.
    1. Your cardboard box can't be opened during 'peak times'.
    2. If you have an internet connectivity issue, the box will close. (Watch those fingers!)

      tyvm, I just coughed tea all over my keyboard and now people are looking at me

    Oh wow that's a great idea! The reason I (and I'm sure many others) don't buy digital copies is because of the physical package itself. It just looks so much better sitting on a shelf rather than being just another name on the Steam list.

    Title is a bit misleading. Thought it was some sort of scam that people who bought the game from them only received the package and not the game itself. Maybe that was just me though :P

      Nope i thought the same thing... like the ebay iphone box scams, selling boxes for hundreds of dollars.

    I got my copy of the game in the mail yesterday and I was quite happy with how nice the packaging was. And I'm not usually impressed by such things.

    I think this is a brilliant idea. I love to put my games on show in the bookshelf. The whole reason I don't buy digital games is because I don't get a physical copy

    lots of cd key sites do this. they sell the boxes for a small fee, rather than throwing them out.
    quite a good idea i reckon, lets them make a bit of extra revenue, and people can get the games cheap + have the box (i like to collect the boxes to some titles, mainly blizzard ones at least)

    none the less, wouldnt really call this news... seems more of an ad considering it's nothing new

    i got the boxed version because i really wanted that diablo notepad

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