Diablo III Collector's Edition Detailed

We don't have a release date, or a price, but Blizzard has unveiled its Collector's Edition for Diablo III and it contains things I totally want.

It contains...

The Game. Obviously!

This fancy Diablo Skull and USB Keystone — which includes full versions of Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

A behind the scenes documentary on Blu-ray and DVD containing interviews on the creation of Diablo III.

Some art books, which we're presuming will be awesome.

The soundtrack to the game itself...

And a whole host of exclusive in-game content.

For more details head to the official website.


    Yep, placing my pre-order.

    Also, +1 for a non-PS3 game including a blu-ray bonus!

      yep, im still gonna watch it on my ps3 though :P

      @Glenn D3 is not to be released on any console anyway.....

    Badass. I'd love to check out that 208 page art book.

    The white packaging looks really nice too.

    The soundtrack has me interested. Their trailer music and so on was performed by Australia's Eminence Symphony Orchestra, anyone know if the final game soundtrack will be the same?

    I pre-ordered the game months ago, so hopefully I get this.

    Just put down a preorder yesterday. Can't bloody wait

    Game has put the price at $148. Not so bad given the usual stuff

    I am so keen for this! I don't care how much it costs. IT WILL BE MINE!

    Any word on the size of the skull?

      Looks to me like the skull serves as a 'holder' for the USB Keystone donglegoblinthing... so that gives you a general idea of how big, or how small, it actually is

    Can this still be bought? I must preorder

    That box design reminds me of something....


    Oh well, I suppose two great games can have a similar box design.

      Reminds me of the oblivion logo in-game and their menus

      i remember that cover, that game kicked ass. the first thing that struck me about the d3 cover is that they must have been trying to surprise people with it, and they sure did me

    -Some- artbooks? How many artbooks? I need all the artbooks.

    Already preordered on ebgames website :D which is now listed for $150. I was going to get it from in store Northlakes Brisbane but they said they couldn't be 100% sure they would get any. Useless...

    The USB stick is one thing, but to load it with Diablo 1 and 2??

      I believe it's Diablo 2 and expansion, not 1 and 2. Not that I'm complaining, I never played Diablo, only hacking my way through Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction.

      They did this with Starcraft II, still an awesome idea!

    my laptop is junk
    will have to wait for xbox
    still have SPAYCE MAUREEN!

      will be upgrading laptop
      cannot wait for this game
      still have Diablo 2!

    Diablo III better have Pandas in it or I'm not buying it.

    Not really interested in the Diablo 3 considering what blizzard have done to it, but damn that is some awesome collectors edition. I would buy it just for those goodies, but alas, I have little gold to spare.

    I'm going to have to say no to the collector's edition. I already have the Diablo Battlechest so I have the previous games and their expansions.

    From past experience of collector/special edition games, the art book and OST cd will only be sampler sized (art book will be 20-30 pages the size of a DVD case and the OST will be 10 tracks maximum).

      The last OST blizzard released, in the Wings of Liberty collectors edition was 14 tracks.

      I can't recall what else was in the pack, I haven't looked at it in a while... part of the problem with collectors editions, nice to have but not very frequently viewed.

      The art books from Blizzard have been far from small. Always hard cover and around 120 pages of awesome artwork :)

      Your loss if you don't get it, someone else will be happy they get one.

      they state on the page that the artbook is 208 pages.

    My mistake. I just checked the official site.

    I was told it is just one big click-a-thon.

    GAME has this online aswell for preorder, they have nicer staff unlike EB, I preordered from them


      But GAME left brisbane city and Indooroopilly!

      Things that do get annoying at EB games are the staff "need any help with the games?"

      ...but I'm a gamer I think to myself.
      You're best off asking that mature lady who looks like she is buying a game as a present for someone, is what I want to say.

      "Nah, I'm fine"

        asking if you need help is pretty normal at any store.

        questioning somes decision to buy a WOW subsciption and labling it a waste of money is not. Told them it was a waste of money buying it from their store walked straight out and purchased from the GAME store opposite.

        also got questioned why i was exchanging an MW3 preorder for xbox i was given for a BF3 one as well as why i would choose PC edition instead of Xbox. was stuck with having to get it at their store.

        Their staff certainly need a lesson in respect though.

    Hmm, I love the artbook and Blizzard always deliver on that front, but the rest is pure uninteresting faff as far as I'm concerned.

      The soundtrack is "faff"?

      Diablo games always have awesome soundtracks!

        Hmm, fair point that I didn't initially consider! Although I contend (and expect) that the sound track might likely be released on iTunes separately, and for considerably less than the CE premium asks for it.

    GAME actually have it for $145! Just secured mine :D http://www.game.com.au/diablo-iii-collectors-edition/pc-games/DIABLO3CE

      lol thats dropped in the last hour or two... was 148 originally... yay $3! i can buy nearly a cup of coffee with that... thanks GAME!

      seriously though i'd rather buy from GAME than EB any day...

    I wonder if they will include the game next time :D

    Question: If you preorder through EB/GAME online, do you have to wait for postage etc, or can you pickup from store?

    Just asking cause the Game price is Web only...

      EB allow delivery and Store Pickup (You nominate which one)

      Not sure about GAME, but go through the motions of pre-ordering and I'm sure you'll find out before you have to put in any payment details.

        Bah, just found this: "Pricing labelled "Online Price" is applicable to GAME.com.au only and is not available in-store"

        Sadpanda :( Ah well might just rock up to EB downstairs form work I guess...

      EB offer [email protected] for the D3 Collector's Edition. I searched the GAME website but couldn't see a similar offer. So I preordered with EB, only have to pay $50 right now, and it will be at the store closest to me (5min walk from home) on release date.

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