Unboxing A...1986 Sega Master System

Who gives a shit about unboxing modern games hardware. We all do it when we buy the thing, they come with basically nothing, and the documentation is woeful. Let's enjoy, then, this unboxing of a 1986 Sega Master System bundle. Marvel at the included accessories. Gape in awe at the pack-in games.

I actually never got to experience this, because my Master System experience was a strange one. Slightly strapped for cash as young-uns, my parents could never afford a games console, so the only time we got to play with a Master System was when we rented one from a video game store. Meaning my unboxings came in the form of taking a filthy Master System out of a weird plastic briefcase once every few months for a weekend then saying goodbye two days later, Alex Kidd still unfinished.

Unboxing: 1986 Sega Master System [YouTube, via Retroist]


    I loved how those old consoles/computers had the thumbnails of games on the back of the box.

    I got my Sega Master System on Christmas day with a brand new (then) analog 16" television.
    Santa (Dad) had dropped it at the door, knocked, and ran.

    You couldn't finish Alex Kidd one time within the 2 days?
    I'm so disappointed.
    Next you'll be saying you never played Wonderboy 3...

      I had the system for about five years and never managed to finish Alex Kidd. Got close but I'd usually fail on the level where you needed to swim through really openings between rows of spikes to get into the castle. Managed it a few times but wouldn't have enough lives to keep going much further.

        Those underwater spike tunnels were pretty brutal. I think I could handle all but one really long one and that was what I saved the invincibility powder for.

          If you keep punching whilst through those spike tunnels you can get past them quite easily :)

            you also could rest your head by floating past them

    I never unboxed my Sega. My mother bought it for Christmas second hand from friends of hers after I expressed interest in one. We had the box and everything, but they never re-packed it. It was just set up and waiting for me Christmas morning in (I think) 1988.

    I LOVED my Master System. When I got mine, though, Hang-On and Safari Hunt were pre-installed on the system, somehow. It also had a Maze game activated by holding a certain button combination on the boot screen, which I played, played, played and played.
    Muchos love in my heart for the Master System and Gameboy; my original exposure to videogames.

      That game would be Snail Maze;


    I still have an unopened SNES (bought the thing cheap second hand when the N64 came out). I can't remember what is in a SNES box but im sure its full of nice goodies.
    And just to kill the fun, I don't appreciate the profanity in the article. It's just poor writing.

      Oh noes he said a word related to faeces! The horror! Wont someone think of the children! Because if we don't shelter them now they wont grow up with mental health problems! AHHHHH

    On a related note, Im looking forward to Alex Kidd in miracle world on PSN this week!

      And Monster World, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, and WB in Monster World! Although I'm really worried that SCEE is gonna screw us over again and not release games that the US gets.

    You never finished AK? So you've always had issues?

      I finished it with help form sega magizine over the final combination.... sun moon fish star fish star fish...

      ..... WHEN I WAS 3 YEARS OLD... cant do it now toooooooo hard

        Sun moon WAVES star fish star fish LOL or somthing like that .... dont die on me

    Sega's hardware was better?

    All I can say is Mode 7 bitches!

      Mode 7 is a shitty gimick name for "Background rotation scailing". The SNES had to use a video mode to render it (and even then games like Super Mario Kart and Pilotwings had to use the DSP-1 external chip on the cart to run). The Mega Drive's CPU is powerful enough to render background rotation scailing by itself as proven by Watermelon's homebrew game "Pier Solar".

      To be this good takes AGES
      To be this good takes SEGA

    I had a master system 2
    still got it and games and the game sheet with all the games listed on it... laminated of course :)

      Sega Dreamcast :D
      To be this shit you must be Sega

        To be this unoriginal you must be retarded.

        PAL 60hz, native VGA, Superior texturing abbilities, arcade perfect ports etc: The PS2 failed in all these aspects. Go home Sonigger/Nintenyearold.

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