Video Gaming's A-Team Brings Samus, Shepard, Master Chief And Jim Raynor Together

Using the magic of Photoshop and the wizardry of Garry's Mod, Ariel Flores has brought together some of video gaming's greatest heroes in the one team.

Calling it the "Vindication Series", it's got action, explosions and...Commander Shepard sticking his tongue down the back of Lightning's neck. Something I never thought I'd see, and now I've seen it, kind of wish I hadn't.

Vindication Series [DeviantArt, via Ian Brooks]


    Samus looks out of place in every single picture. Go figure.

      If she was in her armor it'd work better

        If the suit wasn't so bright it'd be fine. Even the pure white vanquish dude is darker by comparison.
        Same thing with her hair. The colours just look like single layers taken from MS paint.

        They still all look fantastic though, think I've found oen or two new wallpaper rotations.

      What I think is the most out of place is Lightning.

      Also why would Samus be out of her suit in a WARZONE?

      There are just so many questions that go unanswered in these pictures.

    lol I probably would have switched our Lightning and Isaac for somebody else, Snake and Gordon Freeman maybe?

      Ironically, since this is garry's mod based mostly off half life 2, there is no Gordon Freeman model, just his arms for first person mode.

      Snake making out with Commander Shepard? Ok...

    Raynor is the most badass in every picture.

    Why the hell doesn't Samus have her suit?

      I know I hate how Samus has become just another big boobed fantasy girl for 13 year olds to spank over, don't we have enough of those types of video game woman, couldn't we have Samus be something different ?

        Agreed. Brawl was one of the worst things to happen to her.

        Then Other M took the crown.

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