What Are You Studying?

Every Tuesday we try and ask you guys and girls a question, questions that exist outside the video game realm. I know, crazy. Today I thought I'd ask if there were any students in our midst? What are you studying? And for all you guys that are — like me — a little older, what did you study, back in the days of old?

Me? Well, I did an undergraduate English degree, and then came back a couple of years later to do a Masters in Media Research. It didn't really help me out that much, but I guess some parts of my study helped me get the job I have today.

But what about you guys? What are studying/have you studied?


    I have a Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment, Software Engineering major.
    Not worth the cost of the paper it's printed on.

      I did the same degree. With Jordaan no less :)

    You're slowing building elaborate dossiers on all our lifes, aren't you Mark? I don't care for it. :P

    English literature and History Major, going for a grad dip of education.

    Currently studying a bachelor in games design and development

    What does a Masters in Media Research entail Mark? Did you have like, a project or something that you had to complete? I am always interested in how those degrees work because it is so far removed from my own field.

    I am currently studying, although I have an honours degree in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences as it stands. Right now, as in right this second, I am doing my Ph.D. in said course and trying to reveal the interactions between bone and vitamin D in an effort to prevent osteoporosis.

    Cool story hey?

      hey man, hows your vote count going?

        I havent checked since yesterday brother, I unfortunately have been at uni but last I checked I was down a few percent. I think 42% for me and maybe 44% for "TheGamerSheep" - it is an uphill struggle, he has 35000-odd youtube subscribers, so I am megasuperhappy that Kotaku have helped me out so much, I wouldnt be anywhere near him without you guys and gals.

          My sister barely uses her Live account, I'm totally gonna use it and vote for you again. Fight the good fight! :P

            D.C. is a man's man. (granted... its a man) ;)
            Thanks a ton brother, its gonna be right down to the wire I think, unless Goliath (TheGamerSheep) rallies his fans hard. David did beat Goliath though, so if I am David, Kotaku is my slingshot.

          Chalk up another vote for you.

            All sorts of thank you's! Haha, we are hijacking the study group thread! Apologies Mark!

        That sounds awesome Hermes. Are you exploring clinical doses of Vit D for bone density or something even cooler?

          Sort of but not really.

          I am actually more focused currently on the osteocytes, which are cells embedded within the bone. They are responsive to loading (so exercise etc.) and are thought to control the whole process of bone modelling and remodelling. Currently I am using a mice model that doesnt express the Vitamin D receptor and as such, vitamin D would have no effect on these mice. I guess what this should tell us is how the lack of a vitamin D receptor affects osteocytes and from here will we need to explore alternative models and yes, will have to examine vit D for bone densities among many other things (gene expression being a big one!)

    I'm staring at course lists on a daily basis wondering what I should enroll in.
    Indecision FTW!

    first semester of first year in to studying bachelor of communications majoring in journalism and broadcasting. it's pretty fun

    I actually recently started a Certificate IV in General Insurance, to make me more qualified for the job I already have. It's going ok. I mean it's a correspondence course and I've only done one module so far. They send me PDF textbook, I read it, and attempt to turn that information into suitable responses for one assignment and one exam.

    Here's what baffles me: I have one assignment worth 30% of my grade, and one exam worth 70%. The pass mark for each and the subject itself is 50%. You know how it goes - I could technically flunk the assignment but still get over 50% for the course if I ace the exam.

    BUT, you get disqualified if you get below the pass grade on either the assignment or the exam, so you have to get above 50% on both to continue studying, which means your final mark cannot be below 50% regardless of weghting. So why bother with the weighting? It bothers me.

    Ten years ago I studied an Arts/Teaching double degree. Never finished it. Financial reasons. I don't regret it. I probably would've been a lousy teacher, because over the years I have become less and less tolerant of children.

      I do agree that course marking is completely bonkers. Sometimes I don't think it's there to make passing simpler but simply to make overachievers feel valued.

    Bachelor of Multimedia at Monash Berwick.
    I thought it would help me make games, instead it taught me how to use Flash animations. I can't complain though as I know make flash banners for a living.
    Also the social club there was epic, and I met my girlfriend of 9 years there.


      Inspirational. Do you have a flash banner commemorating your time there?

        Nope but I did make a comic for the newsletter that depicted the social club and I (I was one of the head members by 2nd year, I like to party) being a bunch drunken fools. T'was extremely amateur but good fun nonetheless :)

    Got a Bachelor of Computer Science degree. Never thought about Masters and beyond since I'm terrible at studying (get distracted way too easily).

    have a Diploma of Computer Game Development from AIE

    Currently studying Bachelor of Communication Design (that's fancy talk for graphics design)

    All you people pissing on your education (especially games related ones) need to reassess your value of education in general. Not only does any education enhance the value of your life, but it's never there to serve you a job. That's your own prerogative.

    Currently 2 weeks away from completing my first year of uni - a few weeks and i'll have a bachelor of commerce! :D

    Then it'll be on to 2nd year!

    The dark arts; Economics and Politics.

    IBM Mainframe via a CA technologies course.

    I doubt anyone here will have any idea what that is.

    The last thing I studied was a 5 day course on vSphere 5... Didn't have the time to study properly for my free exam for my VCP5 so I ended up failing it!

    As a holder of Bachelor of Engineering (Hon), my pet peeve is people who just use xxxx Engineer as their title without being an engineer at all. There is no such thing as a software engineer, that's just a programmer. There is only 4 streams of engineering - civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical.

    Like how janitors call themselves sanitation engineers, or airplane mechanics calling themselves aerospace engineers.

    Although my mother still thinks I drive trains for a living as an engineer...

      Awesome. I reckon that makes me a Game Engineer

        Aerospace engineers are involeved with the development and testing of military and commercial space and air vehicles, as well as the designing of more efficient fuel and thrust systems - they are a valid type of engineer.

        There are also mechatronic engineers and biological engineers and electrical engineers.

      I disagree. There is a big difference between a "Programmer" and a "Software Engineer", both of which are different to a "Coder". Just because the uninformed used the terms interchangeably, doesn't mean they are the same thing.

      Going to stop you there - software engineering is more than programming when taught properly. There's a level of rigour required for big software projects that require just as much engineering as the other streams you mentioned.

      It's not always easy to tell the difference between a software engineer and a programmer, but you definitely know when you are dealing with somebody who is truly an engineer.

      Yes I biased in this matter because I am a programmer / software engineer / computer scientist, and I have had all these titles along the way. The University of Sydney actually moved my department from science to engineering while it was in the middle of programming. So my PhD says "engineering" on it!

        "while I was in the middle of studying". Blergh.

        Being a software engineer myself, (though I studied physics and computer science), I'd have to agree with you there. Especially when it comes to safety critical software - you don't make that without using engineering processes. Otherwise no one will use it.

      Can't agree with this. You ever hear of Hydraulic Engineers?

      While there may be only four professional streams (your wrong on that point by the way, as last I heard petroleum and geo engineers are all are qualified as their own thing),engineering is also an approach, as well as a profession. I wouldn't call myself a cognitive engineer, but there are engineers who I've worked with who describe me as such. By profession, I'm actually a psychologist, but I certainly work on engineering oriented problems.

      There are so Software Engineers - I saw it on Game Developer Story.

      I was a data distribution manager once...
      Sometimes I miss the mail room. :)

      If you want to over generalise engineering into 4 extremely broad topics that could cover just about anything then sure there are only 4 streams of engineering.

    @Snacuum, I couldn't agree more with your statement! I just wish there were more jobs in my field of studies in Australia, I really like it here - Bachelor in Chemistry, Master in Biochemistry and a PhD in Plant Pathology, just finished ^^

    Oh man, I spent wayyy too long studying - about 11 years on and off at university. First my undergraduate degree in "computer science and technology", then exchange to the US, then honours part time, then a PhD on mobile networking software.

    Sometimes I wonder whether it was worth the time and effort, but then I remember that I learnt some awesome stuff, met some great people and visited amazing places along the way. Plus the PhD was probably the clincher in my last couple of jobs.

    So if you ever finding yourself tossing up whether to continue your studies, I say do it! You are far more likely to regret it later if you don't do it, than if you do!


      Help! The human's trying to escape!

      Get your paws off me you dirty ape!

      He can talk, he can talk!

        I heard the original "Rock Me Amadeus" for the first time the other week. As always, The Simpsons did a much better job.

    Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (took a year to score a job, sigh) and am now studying shorthand for said job.

    nothing...Im a dropout :(

    ...thankfully though I have a job that pays for my gaming/comic/action figure habbit (well)

    Bachelor of Industrial Design, now enrolled in a Diploma of Education

    Bachelor of Communication in Creative Writing with First Class Honours.

    I started a PhD project about Homer Simpson and the plight of modern masculinity, but had to drop out. Hope to still turn it into a book one day.

      I've got a title for it: "D'oh it for the kids"

      Tried to read this apparently well known book once. Sooo boring. Hopefully your work was more interesting than that.

        Link isn't engaging for me. What's the title? I may have read it in preparation for this project!

          This time for sure! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Simpsons_and_Philosophy:_The_D%27oh!_of_Homer

            A couple of the articles were all right. Most were snoozefests. Some made the grievous error of trying to use The Simpsons as a means to understanding philosophy, instead of using philosophy as a means to understanding The Simpsons... and that never ended well.

            I can do better.

    dang all you sound all like smarties....

    I got a Diploma of Web Development under my belt. Tried professional writing/editing once. Didn't get too far with that one.

    Bachelor of film/tv on the gold coast

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