While You Were Sleeping

The alarm goes off. It's the worst feeling in the world besides leprosy (I assume) but not to worry, we can read about video games and make it all better! Right? [Awkward silence]

Diablo III — it's the next 'big one' I guess. And by big one, I mean the kind of game everyone goes nuts over and then retrospectively bitches about/gets nostalgic over. I don't know what I'm talking about. Point is: it's a big deal. This article asks — can Diablo III bring back that old Diablo magic?

I normally can't stand those 'tried to get my girlfriend to play games' stories — because girls play video games and girls read this site! That said, this article seems to be a little more constructive, so I'm going to read it sans prejudice!

Also — is Dragon Age III the game EA delayed? Here are some cool things from Starhawk and Cave Johnson demands that you get Portal 2's level creator.

In Short Can Diablo III Really Bring Back That Old Diablo Magic A Guy Tried To Get His Girlfriend To Play A Video Game, Here's Why It Didn't Work Is Dragon Age III The Game EA Just Delayed? Cave Johnson Demands That You Get Portal 2s Level Creator Some Things In Starhawk Just Never Get Old


    that picture is gold! I wish i had that hat for my job =)

      Man, me too. Combine it with this and you're all set... http://tinyurl.com/3t6mvwa

    That picture is all sorts of awesome! :D

    Hey I am STILL trying to get my wife to play video games :(

    My gf gets excited by my video games on xbox but can't take the plunge of grabbing the controller. Also, she really really struggles with controlling the camera. She does love herself some Mario Kart though.

    I need one of those for the bus commute. If I happen to nod off I always do those terrible, jerky forward and back head snaps. It's scary.

      I think the guy sitting behind you with the suction cup in his face would probably have a few complaints though!

    I did think of that actually. To counter-

    1. I would sit exclusively in the area where the seats face into the isle. These are available in Syndey on the bendy buses.
    2. I would have the suction cup attached with a swivel device wherein I could move it to the side.

    Many sleeping success will be achieved! :-D

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