While You Were Sleeping

The weather must be getting cold too quickly or something, because just about everyone seems to be coming down with some sort of virus. Mark's not feeling his usual flashy self today, so you'll be having breakfast with me. Come, let's talk video games.

He really should have picked a different day — Allure Media is celebrating its fifth birthday today and there's supposed to be all sorts of fun and games happening in the office. Shame. And I know he's not chucking a sickie because Diablo III is still crippled by a game-breaking bug. Are any of you guys experiencing issues too?

Jason has a list of five games from the year 2000 that he thinks need 2012 sequels. I would love to know the reasoning behind why some successful games get sequels and others don't. What games do you wish would come out with a sequel already?

In short: You Want Your Final Fantasy VII HD Remaster? Well Here It Is! When Your PS3 Becomes A $400 Paperweight Snow And Lightning Star In Final Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

Image: dawn geary/Flickr


    I think the issue with Diablo 3 has been resolved (facebook newsfeed), so it's a good 'sick day' for everyone to have off...

      Oh..well there you go. :-) Happy looting my PC-centric mangs.

    I'm saving my 'sick day' for Max Payne 3 Friday!

    That doggie is tired.

    It's a shame to all those peeps taking time off to play D3. When will things get better?

    So did all those D3 players finally get to play the game? I am assuming so, as I haven't been hearing much from them recently.

    Mark is Scottish, he should be used to cold weather. That excuse isnt gonna fly. I know your real reason for the sickie today Mark, and it starts with D...

    I think this 'sickness' is just a ruse so that Mark can surprise everyone when he jumps out of the birthday cake.

    More like Mark was up late last night doing Gigatrack. I have the tweets to prove it!

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