World Of Warcraft Stems The Bleeding, Stops Losing Subscribers

Since so much has been made over the past year of World of Warcraft's declining subscriber numbers, it's only fair to point out that at last count yesterday morning, the game's playerbase had stalled at 10.2 million, exactly where it was at last count. With an expansion to come later this year, that number may well go up again!


    I will not yield!

    There has also been no major MMO launch in the past 3 months. Meaning that there isn't anything pulling people away.

    There is also the whole 12 month sub for free Diablo 3 ploy they pulled which should make the numbers look a little nicer for a couple of quarters

      Haven't heard of TERA?

        Which released like what 10 days ago.

        These numbers would have been the Jan 1st 2012 to Apr 30th.

        Tera could represent a drop in the next quarter. But it had little to no effect on the last quarter

      I agree with the Diablo 3 comment. Heaps of people bought a years subscription just to get this. I imagine it would inflate their numbers somewhat.

      Let's see what happenes after that 12 months is up.

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