Worldwide Internet Speeds Are Dropping, But Australia's On The Upswing

Akamai's released its statistics on average worldwide internet connection speeds. The interesting news is that, despite advances in connection technologies, the average worldwide speed has actually dropped, although Australia is bucking that trend. Akamai's State of the Internet report for the last quarter of 2011 shows that the worldwide average has dropped slightly to an average of 2.3Mbps, although it's still up year on year. Which is somewhat pleasing news for me personally, given I average around 3Mbps from my home ADSL2+ connection, although if I look at the Australian average, it's a little sobering, as that's still over 5Mbps. I'm sure there are some Giz readers in both much better and worse positions.

On the flip side, only one per cent of connections to Akamai from Australia were sub-256kbps. That's potentially pleasing, although given Akamai's role in load balancing, it's perhaps indicative of people not using many of the services that rely on Akamai rather than total percentage figures. Year on year, though, we're still going in only one direction, and that's up.

Worldwide, though, the picture actually shows a dip in average connection speed of around 14 per cent from the previous quarter. I'm guessing that's down to more connections from nations with much lower connection speeds, as is the case across most of Africa, for example. We're still on a gradual upwards curve year on year, however.

As always seems to be the case in these kinds of figures, if you want fast averages, head to South Korea, where the average is 17.5Mbps. I wouldn't actually kill for 17.5Mbps… maim badly perhaps. [Akamai via TechCrunch]


    My doownload is about 3mbps in Melbourne and my upload is 1.5 mbps so i kinda happy but i would like some 17mbps action.

      I download a gig in 47 seconds. Donno how fast that is, except that it is extremely fast.

    I put my internet priorities high, so have the 100mb cable plan with telstra. Keeps the missus happy skyping family around the country, whilst not affecting the gaming fun.

    Problem with majority of Australians (not including most on here who would be savy with this). People dont actually know how to research and find the best deal for them. Sure I dont have unlimited quota.....who needs more then 500GB downloads a month, all I care for is the speed at the time I choose to do something on the net.

    Ill admit Im lucky being in a cable environment, some are unlucky only having ADSL which is slowed by distance (surely they should have the tech to fix this by now if they got the standard copper cable to 100mb regardless of distance). Funnily enough, my cable plan is cheaper then the NBN deals they are offering.

      Apologies, should say 100mbps plan (500GB quota).

        Haha, you're right - and you got me typing the wrong thing too :)

        mb -> Mbps everywhere in my comment below!

      I managed to convince Optus to run a cable to my house a couple of months ago (it ended up being a MAJOR job) and I'm so glad that I did. We went from easy, but crappy 3mb "ADSL 2+" to regularly hitting 70mb over the cable.

      And I agree on the quota thing. I think we have 200GB on, 200GB off peak? I can't actually remember because all I know is that it's effectively unlimited. It's really, really difficult to use more than that if you're actually using the stuff you download!

        Even with watching US shows that I have downloaded.... 500GB worth is more then a months worth of viewing. Back when on the 30mbps cable plan, and only 200GB download, i purposely tanked the quota to see the slow down effect, slowed down it went to 2mbps, It really makes ADSL the obsolete internet method nowadays. Be interested to try out what the slowed down effect is off the 100mbps.

      Both HFC networks together only pass 28% of households. So for a majority of Australians - 72% of households - cable isn't even an option they can consider.

      The distance limitations on ADSL speeds are hard physical limits, there is no overcoming them. You seem to be under the misapprehension (when you allude to future 100 Mbps speeds) that the NBN will use the copper network, which it won't whatsoever. It's a complete replacement.

        Hence my comment saying I was lucky being in a cable environment.

        Secondly, Copper is the basis of Cable networks as well, I never mentioned it would allude to 100mbps speeds. My comment was based on the fact that if distance is no problem for Cable, why should it be for ADSL nowadays. I understand that network is physically limited to max about 30mbps overall, but surely the way tech has advanced, the bleed of speed over distance should be fixed or lowered to previous standards.

        My comment had nothing to do with NBN (fibre network), apart from the fact my current cable is a better deal then any NBN deal.

          @OZ Damien - I am not actually sure, but I do know that max ADSL distance can vary depending on things like the thickness of the particular copper wires. I assume cable is a thicker wire, and probably shielded as well. I also think that they probably use fibre to get to each area, then use the cable from there?

          We need an expert to confirm or deny my speculation...

    I would go through 100mb is less than a couple of hours.

      If you're referring to the above posts, mb and Mbps are 2 different things.

    Mines about 16Mbps here in Darwin, but could be faster. cmon NBN..oh yeah i live in a candidate area too =P jelly?

      Yes. Yes I am. 1.5Mb Max ADSL1 Albany WA averaging 0.8Mb.

        oooooh wait! Checked and they have me listed to start construction sometime during the current 3yr timetable.

        I live in an area which is on the opposite aide of town from the exchange. Apparently I can only get ADSL and even then only if one of the allocated ports is available. FML

        I live in an area which is on the opposite side of town from the exchange. Apparently I can only get ADSL and even then only if one of the allocated ports is available. FML

    i could go through 100mb by watching one 40minute video cast

    I hit 95 mbps - 110 mbps on with Telstra cable.
    Do I win yet?

    20mbps download / 1.2 mbps upload for me for Australian servers, only 2.3mbps download / 1.0 mbps upload to US servers though.

    I'm on 9.4mbps download and 0.77mbps upload with Telstra in rural NSW (Armidale).

    I get 4480/384 kbps on an ADSL connection, the best I can get in my area (Country SA).

    They're due to start work on the NBN here later this year though and I'll be all "dig my garden up, put holes in my wall, I don't care just install the damn thing quick before Abbott gets in and cancels it"

    I'm on the fastest ADSL plan that Bigpond has and I'm rural and I get 1.10Mbps download, 0.83Mbps upload and 43ms ping....... so yeah, everyone feel sorry for me.

      I'm rural too and only have a choice between dial-up and satellite broadband, which I have. I pay $70 for 1mbps with a 4gb cap for peak hours and 8gb cap for off-peak hours, after which I'm capped at 64kbps.

      Ping is terrible. At the moment I'm capped and I just tried pinging ...1084ms

        Ping will always be terrible on satellite since it has to send the signal to and from geosynchronous orbit. I don't remember the exact figues but part of it is the travel time for the signal and the rest is issues with ensuring the data is correctly received. Fortunatly satellite data feeds use specially modified protocols otherwise you might easily be looking at 2000ms+ pings. Pure signal travel time is about 500ms, add in the transmission delays and your 1084ms is towards the lower end of "normal" for a satellite.

        When the two NBN satellites get launched in a few years access will be offered at the same rates as optic fibre connections. Your ping won't get any better but so long as your chosen providers aren't total [email protected] (yes I know thats a long shot) you should at least get a more reasonably plan with better speed, quota and price.

    I'm on the South Brisbane Fibre Network (not to be confused with the NBN) which telstra have rolled out independently to all south brissy suburbs. My plan is 30mbps down 5mb/s up with a 300GB monthly cap.
    I hover around 1.9-2.2MB/s for steam and usenet downloads. Pretty happy with that for only $80/month

    800kbs here in Coffs harbour, NBN rolling out this year 2 blocks to the left of my house. My street will be done in 3 years LOL. Can only get Telstra ADSL2 which is a rip off so I will stay on ADSL1 with unlimited downloads for now.

    Well it's not like Australia's internet can get any SLOWER!

    And we're building a faster network that we aren't going to use, just for laughs.

      I'll be using it too.

    Where's the key for that map? I'd like to know what the different colours (shades of blue represent)

    I just got an upgrade a couple of weeks ago and I'm even paying less than I used to be. 8Mbps with unlimited downloads for $39.90 a month from Dodo. Fast enough to stream 1080p on Youtube, which I think is a pretty good benchmark to achieve. Pretty slow upload speed though.

    I get 17Mbps, up is around 2.1 and ping is around 90, all good if i didnt have to pay through my nose for it. (easy reach 60g $49 per month plus live rental 19.90 per month) I hate Telstra!

    I am probably getting shafted. At the moment, I am uploading a video to MediaFire, and it has taken almost an hour now to get the 129MB's uploaded. Will do a Speedtest afterwards to see how I compare to you guys.

    My friend is worse off; I think he has ADSL1 and has ridiculously slow upload/download speeds. His internet cap is 4GB a month, if I remember correctly. Telstra is just performing highway robbery again, nothing to see here

      Yep. 3.29Mbps for Download, and 0.3Mbps for Upload. Only a 50Gb cap, $60 a month, too.

    ive seen my down speed get up to 27mbps and up at like 1.6mbps
    though atm at 20mbps down and 1mbps up
    such bullshit that they can advertise that homes can get up to 100mbps down if they have the right gear. well telstra i have all the right gear and i still dont get those kinds of speeds FAHQUE!

    Remeber people mbsec = megaBIT per second, Mbsec = MegaByte per second. Very different things.

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