Kick The NBN To The Curb With These 5G Home Internet Plans

Kick The NBN To The Curb With These 5G Home Internet Plans
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If you’re unhappy with the NBN, a few providers are offering 5G home internet plans that make for solid alternative options. In some cases when compared to the equivalent NBN plans offered by certain providers, these 5G home internet plans come saddled with a cheaper monthly bill too. A few providers are even offering the first month for free if you want to give it a try before you buy.

Here are the cheapest 5G home internet plans that are currently available, broken down by speed caps.

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5G home internet plans with 50Mbps speeds

Currently, iiNet, Optus, Spintel, TPG and Vodafone are all offering 5G home internet plans with speeds capped at 50Mbps, which is the same limit as congestion-free NBN 50 plans. Although Optus is reporting slightly slower average evening speeds of 45Mbps.

Depending on which provider you go with, their respective prices range from $55 to $69 per month. For comparison, TPG’s NBN 50 plan is $74.99 per month, compared to the $59.99 per month you’d pay with the provider’s 5G home internet connection. All of these plans are powered by the Vodafone 5G network.

If you’re not sure whether a 5G home internet connection is right for you, iiNet, TPG and Vodafone are all offering the first month of their respective connections for free. These plans are also contract-free, so you can try out a home internet plan and cancel it before the first billing month rolls over if you don’t think it’s right. You’ll just need to return the modem you’re provided with, or you’ll have to pay a hardware fee.

Optus is running a similar offer, where you’ll be given a credit equivalent to one month’s bill. Optus will also provide you with a 5G modem for free, but if you leave the service within 36 months then you’ll need to pay $16 per remaining month (to a total value of $576).

5G home internet plans with 100Mbps speeds

If you’re looking for something a bit faster, these home internet plans have speed caps of up to 100Mbps, making them the equivalent of an NBN 100 connection.

In terms of the cheapest 5G home internet plans with speeds up to 100Mbps, Spintel has the cheapest plan going. You’ll pay $59 per month for the first three months, and then $69 per month thereafter. However, you’ll also need to pay a $20 delivery fee upfront for the Nokia FastMile 5G modem, along with an ongoing $4 per month modem fee.

Spintel does have a 14-day trial period, so you have a fortnight to try it out and cancel the plan for a full refund.

TPG is currently running an offer where you’ll pay a flat rate of $64.99 per month. The provider will also chuck in the first month for free, so you can give the connection a try before committing to it.

After this, iiNet has more or less the same plan where the first month is free but at a slightly higher cost of $69.99 per month.

Vodafone is a hair more expensive at $70 per month, with the first month for free as well. However, if you’re already a Vodafone mobile user, you can bundle in your phone plan, which will let you save $5 off your monthly internet bill.

5G home internet plans with uncapped speeds

When it comes to uncapped home internet plans, you don’t have many options. It’s also worth noting that while these plans have uncapped speeds, each provider does report an average speed for their respective connections.

Telstra‘s uncapped plan is usually $85 per month, but the provider is currently running a promo where your first month will only cost $1. While Telstra reports speeds that range from 50Mbps to 600Mbps, it has an average speed of 336Mbps. Again, that’s not a bad speed when you compare it to the costs of Telstra’s NBN 250 connection, which starts at $110 per month.

However, this plan has a 1TB data cap each month. If you do manage to hit this allowance your speeds will slow down to 25Mbps. While this Telstra plan is contract-free, so you can leave anytime you please, you’ll need to return your modem or cop a fee.

If you sign up for Spintel‘s home internet plan, you’ll pay $79 for the first three months, then $89 per month thereafter. If you choose to rent a modem, you’ll need to pay a monthly modem fee of $4. The provider is currently reporting typical download speeds of 240Mbps, which isn’t too bad when you compare its prices to an NBN 250 connection. Unlike the other providers in this tier, Spintel isn’t offering its first month for free. Spintels’ 14-day trial period and modem fees also apply here.

Optus‘ uncapped plan has unlimited data, no lock-in contract and the first month of your connection is free. After that first free month, you’ll pay $89 per month for six months, before it bumps up to $99 per month. While your download speeds are uncapped, Optus reports an average of 240Mbps during peak hour periods.

If you leave this Optus 5G internet plan within 36 months, you’ll have to pay out the cost of the provided modem, which is equal to $16 per remaining month (to a total of $576).

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