An Evolving History Of Women, And Girls, In Old Video Games

Think back to the video games of the 80s and 90s and most characters, let alone protagonists, were dudes. But not all of them. Which is where the delightfully-named Femicom comes in. It's a website that's looking to "collect information about 20th century electronic games and toys, especially video games and computer software, that feature feminine design elements and/or that were created with girls in mind."

There's no real agenda or heavily politicised slant to the site; it's just a database collecting examples where a group of people who weren't terribly well-represented in old games were, well, represented.

As such, it's a really interesting way to spend an afternoon's clicking, whether you're a guy who never even considered the "other side" or a girl who grew up seeking out these kind of titles.

Because the site is a work-in-progress, anyone interested in contributing should head here.

Femicom [Site]


    Anyone want to have a guess as to the narrative of games press will follow over the coming days? This reminds me of the RE5 Bull crap.

      Well, Mr Japanese Anime Character....

      Such narratives will probably continue to happen... until a significant number of gamers cease indulging in childish, amoral and in quite a few cases criminal behaviour... in order to threaten and intimidate people who merely want to *discuss* aspects of gaming culture that are less than savoury.

      The other option, is people could stop the sexist/racist "bullcrap" in the first place, then the anti-racist "bullcrap" response wouldn't be necessary.


        More women designing, making and marketing video games. Problem solved. Now can we get some more news about the next Resident Evil?
        As for people acting like dicks online, that's got nothing to do with it. That's a human nature thing, part of the modern human condition, good luck changing the world on that one.

          Could you apply your primary school level problem solving skills to any other modern social problems we have, Akira? Think of all the complex, nuanced issues that you could be be reducing down to essentialised garbage! Seriously bro you should get a job on A Current Affair, they love your style.

            You think so? Man I love that show, taped every episode, mainly because it clashes with Today Tonight.... "bro"

            So you are saying employing women in key game making roles wouldn't contribute towards an eventual resolution? Walk into any business or government in the country and see real decisions being made by women who have work ridiculously hard to get there. All of them contributing to the 'social fabric' and diversifying ideas and resolutions. If there were more women at Kadokawa stupid ideas like Lollipop Chainsaw probably wouldn't have got past the ideas stage, let alone a released product.

    Nah, you missed the point. No one is claiming that more women in any industry is a bad thing. But don't act like having more women in games is some kind of magic spell that rids gaming culture of sexist attitudes. Gaming as a whole still has a long fucking way to go. That's why Gabe and I are criticizing your flippant and dismissive attitude towards the people pushing sexist and bigoted agendas. Of course people will continue being dicks, but people who actually have brains should continue to refute their close-minded bullshit.

    Luke, you make all other journalists look bad. Not just video game journalists. All of them.

      The only thing that makes me happy about this is knowing that one of your white knights will rush to your defence whenever I post comments like this.

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