Big Daddy Will Bring Little Sister To PlayStation All-Stars, Too

This is Big Daddy, recently outed as a character in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, and how he'll perform inside the free-for-all. GameTrailers TV had the first clip of gameplay featuring Big Daddy, shortly after the end of Sony's E3 keynote.

Little Sister will join up with Big Daddy in some of his super attacks, and of course his drill and plasmids will feature prominently in the remainder of his arsenal. The game releases on both Vita and PlayStation three late this year.


    Why Big Daddy? It's a third party character and Bioshock came out on the PS3 a year later. Really they only announced 2 characters, I thought maybe 5-10 also the game just looks boring.

      The devs had already stated that there would be third party characters in the game, and Big Daddy is well known/popular. Why wouldn't they include him?

      Can't be much more odd than Snake being in Brawl despite only being in a port on GC since his last appearance on a Nintendo console (the NES.)

      you do know theyre making a bioshock game exclusively for the vita right? it actually makes perfect sense for him to be in it

    Upon seeing the trailer, I actually thought I was watching Super Smash Brothers.. I don't mind that fact, Super Smash Brothers with a totally different cast might be nice. So let's just hope that they don't screw it over and damage the genre.

    Pisses me off how similar this is to Smash Bros.... couldn't they even try to change things a bit?

      Why? The Smash Bros formula has proven to be very successful. Its more of the same just minus Nintendo's IP and instead replaced with Sony's and various other 3rd-party characters. I've always wanted to play Crash Bandicoot in a fighting game like this (I know it hasn't been confirmed yet, but i doubt they will pass on that ). And besides, what other kind of fighting game could it be like? Street Fighter?

      Anyways, this will be interesting in another sense that most of these characters like Kratos and Drake are from very violent and mature games against completely pacifist characters like PaRappa the Rapper. Nintendo on the other hand only goes as far as Metroid and Zelda. (Metal Gear Solid doesn't really count)

    smash bros with characters i dont care about? no thanks.

      See, for some of us it's the opposite: Smash Bros but with characters we do care about. Each to their own people.

    Nintendo do have the stronger character roster, but it's something to be excited about regardless. If Ratchet & Clank are in as well... I'm sold!

      there is already a level based on ratchet and clank (and the hydra from god of war), so it would be a safe bet that they will make it in, hopefully jak and daxter as well!

        Jax And Daxter for the win. They should have Crash Bandicoot too since both those games and Uncharted were all Naughty Dog's creations.

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