Does Assassin's Creed III Look Better On PS3 Or Wii U?

That might seem an odd thing to ask given we're still months away from the game's release, but thanks to the fact Ubisoft showed the same level at E3 on the two consoles, we can actually get a good look at how the Wii U is shaping up as far as multiplatform titles go.

And...well, call it personal preference if you like, but the Wii U version wins this one for me, mostly due to the improved lighting. Though, you know, you'd expect that, given the console it's up against was released in 2006.

You can check them out below. The Wii U is on the left, PS3 on the right (if you click the "YouTube Doubler" link underneath you'll be able to see both demos running side-by-side).

YouTube Doubler


    I'm buying a Wii U.

    Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today but to me that's a pointless comparison. What's next, compare a yet to be released game on a 6 year old PC to a brand new one? Of course the new hardware is going to be better.

    Yes Nintendo's new hardware should beat the 360 and PS3. In fact I'd be worried if it didn't. But by how much is the question. Lighting is a good one to show how much because good lighting takes processing power. I hope this is a good sign as all of the new consoles should be running 1080p native without any issues; it will be the ease of programming and the ability to churn out magic with light, shadow and particulates that will give us our winner next generation.

    PC master race here, you guys are small time.

      hahaha yeah let the kids play with their toys.

        You do realise that people who say things like that come across as immature and far more likely to be 'kids' themselves?

        Too weak to carry a big screen TV into your lounge?

          Oh no he DIDN'T!

    Is it just me, or is the recording a different quality for the wii and ps3? like, I'm all for fair comparison, so please, how about some capture from the consoles and not some shitty hand cam that in all honestly just isn't an accurate representation or EITHER consoles full quality...

      The fact that Luke feels the Wii U version looks better despite being an off-screen camera shot, compared to the direct feed of the PS3 footage does say something, I think.

    So basically the Wii U is what the Wii should have been? Why would I buy a Wii U when the next Playstation and Xbox is probably going to be released in another couple of years? The Wii U hasn't shown us anything the 360 and PS3 aren't aleady capable of doing. Sorry Nintendo, but you really f**ked up with this generation of home consoles. You may be laying on stacks of 100 dollar bills, but it won't last long.

      Wii U currently does a fair bit more unless you are talking purely graphics. Which its already pumping out PS3/360 quality graphics in its first gen games. It will look better yet.

      New consoles are also 2 years away, the Wii U in the meantime will give you a new unique experience, with potentially even better graphics as people get use to the hardware. Not to mention, its going to be one kick arse part console.

      There is plenty of reasons to own one.

    As it stands now there are a few games which showcase the Wii U graphics, but in most third party games on the Wii U will just be simple ports from the Xbox/PS.
    But, once the next gen Xbox/PS are released then all the Wii U ports will have to be down scaled and stripped back, much like the Wii is.
    Then its going to be at least five years of "Ew, look at the shit Wii U version of MW6!" or whatever game its going to be.

      Well, that depends on how soon people buy the next Sony and MS consoles. They'll probably be too expensive like this gen was people will wait a year or two for the price to come down. By that point Nintendo will be ready for their next console.

        Plus there's also this to consider - the PS2 was, graphically, the most hideous console of it's generation, that didn't stop it from dominating.

    Now that I've come back to the PC community, I can honestly say that unless any of the consoles release a stand out exclusive, then I wont be bothering going back. I'm pretty certain I wont be getting a WiiU, especially with the next lot of consoles around the corner. I haven't touched my consoles for ages, and I did want to play Dragons Dogma, but I can't tear myself away from all the goodness PC's have to offer.

    I like the PS3 one. Pretty things hurt my eyes.

    It's the XBOX version. The WiiU and PS3 are fighting over 2nd place.

    Wii U looks a bit better and has a smoother framerate I think.

    So yeah, Wii U is more powerful than 360/PS3, but not by too much.

    Nothing surprising.

    lets face it the next gen consoles will still not be even close to a mid range pc rig in terms of gpu and cpu processing power. Consoles have their place in the gaming community, but if you want to see a game at its best then a Pc is the only platform (most of the E3 demo's were run on high end pc rigs).

    was this actually running on a WiiU? I thought most games demoed at E3 were running on PCs regardless of whether they are the PS3or WiiU version?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the wii u version supposed to be a non cluttered screen with no visible huds or icons?? Because its supposed to be on the tablet right?

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