GameStop Selling PSN Downloadables In Australia And Europe

GameStop Selling PSN Downloadables In Australia And Europe

In a statement given yesterday, GameStop said it and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe had reached an agreement for stores in Europe and Australia to sell vouchers for downloadable content and games over the PlayStation Network.

The deal means customers will be able to purchase DLC with any form of payment — whether cash or trade-in credit (or a gift card). Stores have, of course, sold PSN wallet cards, basically a gift certificate in varying amounts. This allows someone to buy DLC a la carte and pay only its price.

“The ability to use cash and trade credits as currency is a powerful tool and SCEE recognises that it provides a new channel for gamers to access and purchase exclusive digital content,” said Mike Mauler, GameStop’s executive vice president of international. “We are thrilled to be bringing this initiative to our international customers.”

The regions include more than 1600 store locations in Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The plan is for Europe only as of now. GameStop last month started selling Steam wallet vouchers in $US20 and $US50 amounts. This week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Sony had considered making its next console a download-only device, a move that would have been damaging to GameStop’s business selling physical games, and especially used ones.


  • I don’t get this article at all? Don’t Sony already sell PSN cards at retail here? Does gamestop own eb or something? Or will they just be selling gamestop branded cards at other stores?

    • Read the article again. It let’s you pay for individual DLC, rather than just buying ‘wallet’ credit

    • Yeah, so instead of needing to buy a $30 card to top up your wallet and buy (eg) Journey, this will mean you can buy Journey from the actual retail store for the PSN price (or less, lol) and it will be a code redemption.

      Basically will means you won’t have as much credit in limbo, if you don’t buy often… it’s a nice idea, but I’m sure I will get much use out of it, being a PS+ member, I can’t see how a PS+ discount could be applied to the retail voucher, so the chances are I would be buying on the PSN shop front anyway.

      • And if you don’t mind using your credit card then the fact PSN uses real money instead of points means that you don’t really have the problem of leftover credit anyway (except for situations where your total purchase comes in less than the $10 minimum transaction).

        Still, this is certainly good news for people who don’t have or don’t want to use their credit card. And providing the ability to trade in physical games towards digital ones shouldn’t go unnoticed, either.

  • I’m interested to see if they’ll undercut the PSN in order to get the sale. THAT could be interesting.

    • This is EB we are talking about….not the messiah 😛
      While they do have the chance to sell it at a reduced price, it will be sporadic as already seen with psn cards. But the good thing is they’ll give the psn store more exposure in store to parents and other people giving cards as gifts

  • fails to mention that we will still get screwed on price in Australia for downloadable digital content …

  • This is where the EB World strategy comes in, they’ll be able to credit the transaction to your EB World card, and then you’ll activate it via your EB profile.
    They were telling us to expect this for months – they want as many EB World cards in wallets as possible. It’s a smart move.

  • So why did Game stop selling psn downloadables in Australia and Europe?

    Oh, that’s right, they went into administration. That’ll put a kink in the sales.

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