Hitman Devs Sorry About Stupid Hitman Trailer

Hitman's E3 trailer, which showed a squad of sexy ladies dressed as nuns being slowly and methodically beaten to a pulp, created a bit of stir.

So much so that the developers of the game, IO Interactive, have apologised for its content.

"We're sorry that we offended people — that was truly not the intention of the trailer," IO's Tore Blystad told IGN.

"Of course we understand, this has been a very big topic for us and we've been reading as much as we could of the articles and responses. We were surprised that it turned into such a huge topic. Something similar happened with our Sniper Challenge pre-order bonus... We just wanted to make something cool, it wasn't the intention to stir up anything."

And there you have the reason I didn't like it. This is what they thought was cool? When people want someone to blame for the dire content in so many blockbusters, you sometimes have to stop pointing fingers at "evil" marketing and "stupid" publishers and sometimes point them at the people actually making the game.

IO Apologetic Over Hitman Trailer Controversy [IGN]


    So he was attacked by Fetish nuns, big whoop.

    What bothered me was how it was nothing like how the Hitman games should be portrayed as. They have every right to paint whatever picture they want of the product they are selling, but as a long time fan (And an entitled gamer) I felt my heart sink a little and let out a long "Oh well" sigh after I sat through it.

    It was damn pretty, though.

      "Entitled Gamer" - wha? What exactly are you entitled to here?

      For me, the worst part is that they're dressed to stupidly. If you're a professional team of assassins, why dress like strippers? If they'd changed it so they were reasonably dressed, I think the video would be far less inflamatory.

      Yes there's violence against women, but it's done to degrade them or belittle them. You could easily replace them with male versions and the violence would have the same message - Agent 47 is tough. Not tough because he smacks women who are in a less powerful position than him. Tough because he survives when confronted with a bunch of armed enemies.

      That said, I don't actually like most of the video. Besides the abovementioned 'tough-guy' stance, what else does the vido deliver in terms of message? Not much. Apparently he's on the run, fighting for survival, hounded by enemies. But there are countless other ways this message could be delivered. Using stripper nuns isn't really a great choice for it.

        Damn I need to proof read before I post.

        1) they're dressed SO stupidly.
        2) the violence is NOT done to degrade or belittle.

      Yeah dude. It got me a bit worried over what Hitman was going to be like. I thought,"Oh great, another stealth franchise down the dunny.". As a stand alone clip, the trailer was cool awesomely done. When I found out the trailer had nothing to do with the game, I let out a big sigh of relief.

    This trailer has just sold me on the game.

      I'm sold on this game also.

      I do not understand the issue... It's a video. Set in a fictional involving fictional character in fictional situations. It can be whatever it wants to be. 1. There was no "extreme violence" such as decapitation or severe mutilation. 2. If the women had removed their head-dress from the nun outfits all if not most of the comments would have been irrelevant. 3. So people complained it was Nuns? How do you think Germans feel for like 90% of shooters. Or any other game that focuses on a specific demographic. Hell! they weren't even focusing on Nuns those were disuses for Christ sake!(oops).

      My god people love to whine over nothing.

    I think what is most disturbing about the trailer is man on women violence.

      I had this problem too. According to some, we are sexist for being disturbed, and should celebrate equality in violence :P

        not saying that you're sexist, but isn't it concerning that we wouldn't have an uproar if he was killing men?
        I know half the problem is the clothes the women were wearing, but I still think that their would've been an uproar if they were dressed any other way

        Better grabs those bibles and clutch them tightly, fellas.

      Pfft. So a female assassin should be allowed to run free because no one should hurt her. Good one.

        Didn't you get the memo? Women are allowed to kill men

          Especially in sexy ways like Onatop in GoldenEye.

            I'd happily die between those thighs....*whimsical sigh*

    Well I have to admit, controversy aside, it was cool, and easy on the eyes. But sometimes you have to think a bit more and not go for the low hanging fruit.

      I think the whole trailer was designed to appeal to men's "low hanging fruit".

    I have no issues with the trailer. It reflects exactly what previous Hitman games have been about: sheer ridiculousness.

    I hear people say the trailer is sexist. How? I honestly don't see how women as a whole are misrepresented by it. If anything, bald men in suits should be clamouring against IO interactive for suggesting they are murderers!

    I don't mind if people find the trailer displeasing, disconcerting, or think that it was a poor move. There are arguments for those. I even agree with some of them.

    I think Luke especially should get off his high horse whilst trying to demonise IO interactive. They did something that offended people under the impression that it would please fans and hopefully garner interest in the game. Unfortunately, they did not expect or plan to offend people, and when they did find out that people felt so strongly against their trailer, they apologised and explained their own intentions. I don't think that warrants any kind of response like the one above.

    tl;dr: I don't like Luke Plunkett very much.

      Oh yeah, they're sooooooooooooooo sorry, that in the middle of the apology, they managed to sneak in an extra plug for their "Sniper Challenge pre-order bonus".

      Hahahahahhahahhaa.... the sincerity is overwhelming.

      You think LP is trying to 'demonise' the devs? Try reading the reaction to the trailer on a few intelligent videogame sites, and you'll see a whole bunch of reasonable people through it was trashy junk.

        I love how you seem to insinuate that this isn't an intelligent website, yet posted a comment here.

        I think his point is that it should have been reported as what it is; news, and not written like some kind of offended boy scout.

    How was this trailer stupid? Grindhouse is apparently stupid? Kill Bill?


    Also man on woman violence? I think its ok when the women are armed with RPGs

    I'd be curious to see the number of people genuinely offended vs. the number of people who just want to be offended and be outraged *pointed look at Plunkett*

      I think Plunkett may be confusing 'topical journalism' with 'hipster editorialising'. Many of his articles appear to be of tha latter.

    It’s not so much the content I’m offended by, it’s just the stupidity.

    If you asked 5 particularly dumb 12 year old boys to make a trailer, this is what it would be. The fact that a group of adult game developers thought this was “cool” is almost as insulting to their audience as it should be embarrassing to themselves.

    I wasn't offended by the trailer, but the trailer also didnt grab me ether, apart from the obvious (women in skin tight leather shooting guns ..... )

    Watch out for the fembots in Austin powers Luke!

    Or, is it a case of massive overreaction of the sort we see on Today Tonight and ACA? If the roles were reversed, aka a female assassin defending herself against a group of monks who rocked up, had their robes torn off to reveal muscular dudes without shirts rockin' machine guns, we'd be celebrating a strong female lead character in a game... seriously. Overreaction. Hitmans always been cheesy and corny, stop overreacting. They had nothing to apologise for, get over it.

      nah man, that would just be a "male power fantasy".
      y'know, obviously

        So you like muscular monk dude power fantasies, huh?

          I'm just saying that that's how it'd be labeled

    So Foggy, is a rodreigez film stupid? Is Kill Bill stupid and childish?

    It suits the theme of the world, which is a stylised ultra-violent world of hitmen and assassinations. This is purely people being offended to look like they are astute and are asking more from the artform of gaming.

    There is room for both this and Portal 2. As there is room for Machette and Shchindler's List in film.

    The trailer is ridiculous, it definitely gave me the vibe that it wasn't taking itself THAT seriously and so I took it with a grain of salt. It's stylised and (undoubtably) over the top, so that's what I judged it as. I admit the violence was a bit shocking at first but I think that's mainly owing the the fact that you just don't see much man vs woman violence, it's not PC so films steer clear of it, so it's not something you see everyday.

    But as Calum said above, when a bunch of ladies are trying to blow you up with RPGs/shoot you with automatic weapons/stab you with knives/choke you with rosary beads SIMULTANEOUSLY, then it's probably ok to fight back in some way.

    I didn't see the problem with it either. A group of heavily-armed people go to kill a badass who then takes them all down in stylish manner. What's there to be offended about?

    So often these days I find myself being offended by how easily and/or misguidedly everyone else is offended.

    The trailer was obviously designed to shock, just like the opening scene of Californication where David Duchovny was getting blown by a nun in a church. Stirring up controversy with controversial marketing is nothing new - the ultimate goal of advertising is free promotion.
    I don't care for the trailer one way or the other, but the fact that we're talking about it means it has achieved its goal. I seriously doubt the apology is heartfelt.

    I didnt think it was particularly sexist for this industry, but it was sexist. They weren't dressed for fighting, they were dressed for sex. Theb we watch a guy beatt the living shit out of them is this sort of fetish slow-mo.

    I really don't want to single this game out. But I am glad this is becoming less acceptable.

      Then hopefully one day we can fine people who enjoy this kind of thing 5 credits for a violation of the morality code.

        It was supposed to be over the top and ridiculous and if any of you want to complain about stupid costumes, welcome to hitman. Blood money had at least 2 levels completely filled with scantily clad women. Big whoop, it was still a bloody (no pun intended) good game. You'll forget all about this when you buy the game or when you don't buy it and move onto something else as 'controversial' and 'offensive'. Not to say this is particularly creative or even the right sort of marketing tactic perhaps, but seriously, don't parade around like the righteous voice of justice, over a slight case of 'perhaps' political incorrectness.

          My post was meant to be sarcastic, its hard to get it across on the internet though :)

          I dont see myself as the righteous voice of justice, I just think ads like this are the opposite of inclusive, and the fact that people are complaining now suggests gaming has become open to a broader audience.

    When will devs learn? Killing women is horrifying and terrible, killing men is delightful and entertaining.

    Silly devs ...

    You really can't really get away with posting pandering articles about scantily clad cosplayers and hentai titles and then pop up with these shock-horror sexism articles.

    I think Thom is on to something: they were dressed for sex, or at least we are cultured to view them that way. It's harder to say a man is dressed for sex when we don't generally do fancy underwear. So there is definitely an inappropriate element to the circumstances. I didn't like how it tried to combine sex and violence,and I really don't like the idea that any media attention is good attention. I think the marketers think that three growth in cashed up adults buying games means we will throw our money at anything; on the contrary, I think that there are easy to many of us with shame piles already and this won't join those heaps if you make a poor impression

    I have:
    -stomped turtles to death in Mario
    -beat up trannies in Final Fight (although i thought Poison was a girl at that time)
    -teabagged guys i've shot in the head
    -broke the law and rammed into the Popo's cars in NFS
    -cheated on my wife in Fable
    It's a video game, get over it. Just because you pop a few nuns in this new Hitman game doesn't mean you'll be going about doing it in RL.

    While I support the developer's right to market this game however they want, I think the people who say the trailer is fine are missing the point. The way these characters are portrayed and dressed, it is intended in this trailer that straight, male viewers get sexually aroused watching them die. Sexist? Maybe not. Utterly creepy? Certainly.

      While you may have had that opinion, I thought the message was "if someone points a gun at you, you take them down".

      Well thank you Super Secret Psychic Man, you have saved the village.

    Where's my apology for Kane & Lynch (specifically the naked parts)?

      No need to be specific, a general apology for that rubbish is warranted.

    Personally, I have no interest in the Hitman series so I never actually watched the trailer until all the ruckus started. I'm not sure I see the big deal, I mean it's a stupid trailer, but that's just it...it's so stupid that I can't possibly get offended by it, and I have difficulty understanding why it's such a big deal.

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