Kogan Now Selling Games

Looks like cheap gadgets and appliances aren't enough for Ruslan Kogan anymore. As of tonight his online store has dipped its toe into the world of video game retailing, but are they good value?

Six triple-A titles went live on Kogan's online store this evening for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, including Modern Warfare 3, FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3.

Both FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3 will set you back $49 plus shipping, while Modern Warfare 3 will cost you $56.

The games are international imports and as a result, Kogan stresses, the product "may not support online gaming" — something that's likely to be a dealbreaker for three of the hottest multiplayer titles of the last 12 months.

Limitations aside though, the prices aren't streets ahead of major Australian retailers. EB Games will sell you Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition on PS3 and Xbox 360 for (at the time of publication) $56 plus shipping. Admittedly, that's a special. The normal RRP is $109.95.

Compare the price to popular international importer PlayAsia, though, and you'll find yourself saving money — the stuff that folds, too. PlayAsia will sell you a copy of Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360 for $40.46, for example.

It's nice to see Kogan get into games. Surely the market needs another player as GAME folds. We're still waiting to hear back if Kogan will sell consoles, or if it's just games.

The table above gives a clear win to Kogan. It's reasonable to point out that the Harvey Norman site offers a much wider range of games, though as the games come from Europe, delivery can be slower (the Kogan titles ship from Hong Kong). There's also a slight risk with any import title that online play might not work properly (an issue Kogan notes on its product pages).

Bottom line? If you're after these particular titles, right now Kogan is a little cheaper than Harvey Morman, but PlayAsia is cheaper again for at least some titles. The ultimate lesson? Shopping around still pays. But I don't expect we've seen the last of this particular battle.

Top image: Kogan Technologies

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    They should stick to e readers

    I've never been let down by ozgameshop yet and don't see the need to pay Kogan extra!

    I scanned this as "Krogan".

    Now I am disappoint.

      Hmmm if it was Krogan you'd definitely buy from them. If you knew what was good for you.

    I might be out of the loop here but who or what is Kogan?

      Some guy made a company that sells cheap tvs that have the same 'insides' as major brands. Never bought one myself, but I here they are quite good.

    console only?
    at least playasia and ozgame cover all platforms...
    but anything that sticks it to HN is good in my books :-P

    I hear so much about how great the Tv's are from Kogan, but I've also heard many horror stories. I wonder if Gizmodo, Lifehacker or Kotaku can vouch for the online store? :)

    I don't see this working. Kogan made it big by sewing a

      Gah, typing on smartphone, see below

    What if you took the time to actually compare it to LOCAL versions, rather than just direct imports?
    JBHifi....AU versions (not US/ASIA/UK) and you can walk in walk out in your hand, not wait weeks for it.
    BF3: $59 (an extra $6)
    MW3: $58 (a $2 saving)
    Fifa12: $44 (an $11 saving)

      Why would you compare it to local versions?

      From the article:
      "The games are international imports and as a result, Kogan stresses, the product 'may not support online gaming'"

      Kogan is an online store, unless you're in the Digimon universe, I don't see you 'walking out' with it in your hand, there will be a wait, and since it's coming from the same place, i'd assume it's similar to the wait for OGS.

        Why wouldn't you compare it to the local versions? If you can get the local version from a local retailer for approximately the same price with no waiting and no issues with online play or DLC then that's certainly a valid option.

          Ah ok, I see now. I thought he was using the second part as examples of Local copies, which, reading his comment again, he is not. My mistake.

    I don't see this working. Kogan made it big by seeing a niche that was empty - none of the big electronic retailers were going to threaten their stores by seriously undercutting their prices online, so a new, online only player could and did clean up in a big way.
    Thing is, gaming has that already, with established customer bases for Ozgameshop, Sendit, etc. No blue ocean for Kogan here, unless he's doing this solely to piss off Gerry.

    Screw Kogan vs Harvey Norman, what about Kogan vs OzGameShop

      Exactly, who buys games from HN anyway... It had nothing going for it. It wasn't cheap, games were imports anyway, and it is one of the most hated companies in Australia.

      OzGameShop all the way

      If it wasn't for Harvey Norman - no one would know who Kogan was. Seriously I've used the internet for pretty much most of it's existance, I've never seen his website, nor has he advertised his wares on any site I have visited - the only reason I know anything about Kogan is that once every two months he calls up his Fairfax contacts and offers some some quote about how Gerry Harvey is a dinosaur - almost every media mention of Kogan comes in on the back of bagging out Harvey Norman (which is frankly the low hanging fruit of competitive retail!)

      Even in this article we get a table comparing his game prices to HN's - not Play Asia or OGS which would be the more pertinent comparison for gamers.

    Why would I buy from Kogan when everythings cheaper at ozgameshop and zavvi?

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