Private Eyes, And Regular Eyes, Are Watching You

Hi there Kotaku, and a happy Wednesday to you. It's 10:30 PM, and that means it must be time for the open thread.

We're all so constantly connected to social media that it's easy to forget just how many people can see everything we say. So thank goodness for, who have put together a website that offers a simple, clear reminder of the damaging things we post to social media every day.

Who wants to get fired? Who's taking drugs? Who's got a new phone number?


Are you more careful now about what you share on social media? Do you think that since the cat's out of the bag, you might as well just share everything? Are you considering closing any of your accounts, or have you ever?

Let those prompts be your guide, and feel free to talk about anything else, as well. The open thread is yours.


    I don't use social media for this very reason. If I want people to know what I'm doing or inform them of my opinions, I'll tell them using less public methods such as messaging or email.

    Huh? I don't see me there anywhere... I'm confused about what I'm meant to be more careful with or scared of. This just looks like stupid people who don't bother to change privacy settings on social networking sites. : /

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