See Life As A Team Fortress 2 Character With This Augmented Reality Smartphone App

Cam Fortress doesn't really "do" anything, but it does let you pretend to sneak up on someone on the subway platform with your Spy switchblade drawn, or carry Pyro's flamethrower to a gas station. Developed and launched on Google Play for Android phones, Cam Fortress launched last week, and is free to download.

You may take screenshots of your escapades, but there's no other functionality — though the app's description says you can unlock a "hidden class" if you discover an Easter egg. All nine TF2 classes are featured either in the video or the release notes, so who knows what that is.

Cam Fortress [Google Play]


    Probably going to be a crowbar or gravity gun or something...

    "The world's most critically acclaimed hat wearing simulator" haha, so good.

    Is it just me, or is that somewhat disconcerting?

      There will be an Kotaku article in the next week after some kid uses this at a school at gets expelled.

      Somewhat disconcerting? Excuse my language, I think 'completely fucked' would be a more fitting description. The idea of some whacko with a pretend flamethrower pretend torching me while I'm filling my car up is just downright horrific. This is a sick, sad app for sick, sad people.

        I downloaded it.

        Did you know that in video games you can kill hundreds of people with no regard for consequence? What sick sad time wasters for sick sad people.

        report here:

        I reported it. This isn't as bad as that app that emulates real gun sounds to apparently complete accuracy.

        Unfortunately for sick bastards anywhere the flame effects were too difficult to emulate on mobile devices. Even the heavies simple muzzle flash looked like arse. So they're going to get a jolt in the detached reality face pretty soon after downloading this. I wonder what kind of reaction they'll have.

    Heavies muzzle killed it for me

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    The whole quality of the app looks appalling. Why bother?

    Would have been better if when the sniper zoomed in the phone zoomed in, most phones do that now, and for the spy if someone stood infront of it it changed to the pose for backstab but still .... meh

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