SEGA Australia Closes Its Local Offices

Late last night, SEGA confirmed it would be closing a number of local offices in various territories. Among those territories, sadly, is Australia, meaning that the publisher's local presence will gone.

According to SEGA, the move towards digital and away from the need to organise and shift boxed products was the reasoning behind the decision.

"Sega is entering a new and exciting phase that will position the company as a content-led organisation maximising sales with strong and balanced IP such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and the Aliens franchise", said Jurgen Post, COO of Sega Europe.

"The company will benefit from a clear focus and realigned strategy for our digital business and packaged goods and we are confident that this will lead to a successful future."

It was only in 2007 that SEGA actually had a local Australian presence. We'll be sad to see them go.

"The business is shifting so fast we had to make the decision," said Jurgen Post, speaking to MCV. "It was inevitable: we couldn’t continue like we were before."

Sega Europe restructures amidst switch to digital [MCV]


    Going to end up making map packs for COD I'm sure.

    Does this mean Sonic goes Down Under is cancelled?

      You know what, as ridiculous as that sounds, it still can't top that CANON kiss between a hedgehog and a human.

    WOW lol i applied for a job for there IT Manager position in qld, but declined the interview offer, looks like that was a good move LOL

    Dear Sega: Please go back to being cool and publish The Grinder. Thx.

    Is Sega Studios Aus (Creative Assembly) closing down, or is it just a local publishing/marketing office?

      I think it's just the marketing/publishing office, but I too would like confirmation on this. The story does say that they established a presence in Australia in 2007 and Creative Assembly have been around a lot longer than that.

        Doesn't look good, as Creative Assembly was actually re-branded Sega of Australia - its only us gamers who still refer to them as The Creative Assembly... One thing though, would be awesome if all the Aussie devs, who have been put out of work, get together and form a massive developer/ publisher corp. and form a few new development teams under the publishing arm. Pool their resources as alot of aussie devs, while highly skilled, seem to be mis-matched across teams and end up producing mediocre titles (bar the few HQ, original games that have popped up over the years). And if all these devs found the people they "fit" together with the best, I reckon they can blow us away.

          Great idea - lets make it happen. Structure it carefully so it doesn't just become another struggling publishing company. Maybe a commercial spin-off from GDAA or an Aussie chapter of IGDA?

    SEGA had an Australian presence?..

      You beat me to it.... DAMN YOU!

        ha - same +1

    Sorry to hear about the Studio closing, my best wishes go out to all those that have just lost their jobs :(

    Now hopefully EB games and Hardly Normal will close down as well. Obviously they aren't publishers but it seems none of the places that actually deserve to go under, are. EA is one I hope to see the death of. Oh and Activision.

      So you want two of the most successful companies in video games, EA and Activision to shut down?
      Well done mikezombie77, you want the video game industry to shut down.

      Regardless of how you feel about their work, or lack thereof, they are a huge portion of the industry and with their shutdown, there would be a lag in the publishing of games that could destroy the industry.

        Don't be ignorant Zac, the IP's would be sold to other publishers.

    With bad titles like Marvel movie licenses, Sonic games (with the exception of Generations, barely), Rise of Nightmares (and more...) little wonder.
    WTF happened to your awesome 80s and 90s groove SEGA?!

      Same could be said for every Japanese developer that made games in the 90s. They haven't adapted. I mean they just released a bloody Phantasy Star game that is basically EXACTLY THE SAME as the original! I loved Sega growing up, but I could give a shit these days.

    I'm surprised they had an office at all. I'm surprised ANYONE has offices in Australia. This is why we should just be attached to the US offices and reap the benefits. They always use the excuse "higher costs", "economies of scale" and "small market" because the idiots have offices in Australia. When we could easily just be run by one guy saying this "the OFLC gave this game a PG rating, put that on the box". MAYBE if they didn't charge such inexplicably high prices for their product people would buy the local content, rather than import, or worse.... The reason we pay more is because it's run in Australia, who "Tailor the product to local markets" which is BS management speak for "Gouge the shit out of our customers for no real reason other than we are greedy pricks"

    The Aussie dollar is killing the larger games companies in Australia. Not many left now (if at all?)
    There is a large move towards smaller, casual game style studios with new ip. Not good to see the last of the big studios go.

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