Take A Bite From Steel Battalion's Most Unsanitary Moment

Bad enough I got drafted into Steel Battalion's janky, totally unplayable war, but what made things worse was having to fight alongside a guy with pee-covered hands. Oh, and another guy who apparently likes having unholy relations with Vertical Tanks.

The moment captured above happens in Steel Battalion's tutorial and it stuck out to me the very first time I played. I understand times are rough during post-apocalyptic wartime but, dammit, good hygiene could just save your life. Also, if you're not going to wash your hands after peeing on them, keep your apples* to yourself, soldier boy.

I just watched this video again before posting and noticed that the other squad member who's sitting in the Vertical Tank looks like he's humping it. Thank God that's not a gesture that you'll need to do in the game.

*BTW, developers, if you're going to go there, they really should have been Golden Delicious apples…


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