The Best Humble Bundle Just Got Better

The Best Humble Bundle Just Got Better

Today, Super Meat Boy, Braid and Lone Survivor were added to the fifth instalment of the Humble Indie Bundle. Just when you think things couldn’t get more awesome. []


    • Dude, stop considering and start buying. The current average price is under $8 and the longer you wait the more it will gradually creep upwards. It’s MORE than worth it for Amnesia alone, and if you missed Psychonauts this is your chance. Sword & Sworcery is quite good and while I have Limbo on my 360 I’m happy to have a PC version. Bastion, Brain and Super Meat Boy are well-know indie darlings. I haven’t heard of Lone Survivor or Sword & Sworcery before but Sword & Sworcery is quite good and I’ll check out Lone Survivor when I get home this evening.

      Value doesn’t get better than this.

  • They were both in previous bundles weren’t they?

    Super Meat Boy always sounded awesome but ran disappointingly shittily on my laptop. Stupid Flsah games.

    • Super Meat Boy isn’t a flash game, the game is based on the original flash game ‘Meat Boy’, but it uses a custom engine. You could be thinking of Binding of Isaac, Edmund McMillen’s other recent game that is indeed using flash, which is why the performance isn’t as good as it should be for that game,

        • That’s a shame it’s not fast on PC’s – I’ve only played it on 360 so far and it’s smooth there. That is not the type of game that would be playable with even a slight performance dip.

          It’s always surprises me how much of a performance toll some 2d games can have on a modern computer that’s capable of producing such incredible 3d graphics.

  • I bought the bundle (paid above average) a while back, just checked my download page. I DO have access to the new games. Just FYI

  • I think Lone Survivor is the least known game here.

    It is a 2D survival horror game. Very effective and excellent, in my view.

  • I put this off when it first was released because I already own Bastion and Amnesia.. I could have just spent $1 or less to get the other games but that doesn’t seem right. So I just didn’t bother at all.. but now they have added a couple of new games that I don’t have and actually considered getting (especially Lone Survivor), I snapped it up for $8.05USD.

    As for the other games that I already have, now I have DRM-Free versions of them..

  • The only games I don’t already own are lone survivor an swords and sorcery. Makes me wish I could gift the spares to a friend on steam at the least instead of steam saying “what.. no I only see two games here”

    • Well.. technically you could, sans-Steam, because these are DRM-free.. so your friend could use your download page… there’s no restrictions on who downloads them really.. as long as you use it responsibly.. I don’t think anyone would care.

  • I already owned Amnesia (steam), Bastion and Limbo (xbox) and Sword & Sworcery (iOS), but had never played Psychonauts. Picked this up for $15 (that many great games, even if I owned them, were worth far more than the average), and then also downloaded the OSTs. Immediately went back and gave them another $35 – the music is absolutely amazing! Now they’ve added even more great games (even tho I already own two of them from past bundles)? Dammit, Humble, stop making me feel guilty for paying so much less than these games are worth!

  • This is so awesome. I picked it up purely for Bastion and Amnesia (which were both on my Steam wishlist). Even at the default $25, it’s cheaper than both of those games combined. And now Lone Survivor, (which is also on my wish-list) is there! This is amazing. So happy!

  • I had a few of these games, but I slapped down 25 for the ones I didn’t have PLUS you get the soundtracks! Even paying that high above the average I thought it was an awesome deal. There are no titles in there that I’ve heard bad things about. Plus, charity!

  • Just caved and got this today as I already had a couple of the title s from the original listing. Massive +1 for the OST included, my game soundtrack collection is rapidly catching up with my ‘standard’ music collection!

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