The GAME Sale Now Up To 60%

First it was a 25% sale, then that sale was cranked up to 40%. Now as the sale moves to a close, presumably in time for the next GAME Creditors meeting on June 19, they've upped the sale to 60% in-store and online.

Late last week we broke the news that PwC, GAME's administrators, would be recommending liquidation for the retailer if a suitable buyer could not be found. It looks like GAME may be trying to shift as much stock as possible in order to make itself a more viable purchase for investors.

It's a shame to see what's happening over at GAME, but that doesn't mean you can't check out the sale for some bargains, of which there are plenty.


    Bought somthing, felt guilty.

      Don't feel guilty, they need to liquidate stock, so technically you're helping them buy buying their cheap games.

        And hopefully helping make sure employees got paid what they're owed.

          More like administrators get paid their fees...

            i agree there what was it like 500 ph

          No. Assessment came through for former employees entitlements. They have "estimated there will be insufficient funds to meet all outstanding employee entitlements".

    Checked the website and it seems most of the new (as in "not pre-owned") stock is sold out online, but it's probably worth ducking into a store over the weekend. Chances of finding anything worth having are slim, but hey, a sale's a sale.

    So, last week, I get back from shopping and they bump the 25% to 40% and now I get back from shopping this week and it's been bumped up to 60%.. stop waiting til I get home to tell me this stuff!! lol

    Heh, not much left there. Glad I snapped up Rayman CE when the 40% off hit.

    *Offer does not applied to already discounted item , digital item and all hardware...............................

    Most of the thing online are already discounted lol...

      Most of the stock at my local store that had 40% off was crappy DS accessories and toys.

    its funny because they are still more expensive than EB and Gametraders even with their discount on most their items

      for example, i seen MW2 pre owned in there for $60 and its new for $34 in GT

        But with the 60% off it's $24?

        That would make the non-discounted price $150, somehow I find this very, very difficult to believe

        You apply the 60% discount by entering the code at checkout, the listed prices are not dicounted.

          yes the discount comes off the $60 but the game new RRP is $49 so they are marked up to sell the discount down. the 60% off should start from the real value of it pre owned which would be $39 less 60%

          When I spoke with an area manager at GAME today, he confirmed that the 60% discount applies to "normal" priced items only and, to quote, "if it has a little red "sale" sticker with a price written on it, that's the final price for that item and the 60% discount does not apply further to that." Which, when I walked around the store today, was about 80% of their stock anyway.

            Pretty much, like I said below, there's not much point having this massive sale if it doesn't apply to most of what you're trying to sell.

    Whenever i've walked in to see the games on offer they all have reduced price stickers on them, which excludes them from the sale. There's little point to the sale.

      Your just wrong/ the sales stickers are on less than 10% of the stock and its only a few mint titles like charts... and the pre-owned was marked down first not up

    When I read the 40% sale last week I thought it was a 60% off sale. Now I understand it wasn't.

      Saints Row: The Third (Xbox 360) *PREOWNED* $18.00
      Vanquish (Xbox 360) *PREOWNED* $9.60
      Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360) *PREOWNED* $12.00
      Fallout New Vegas (Xbox 360) *PREOWNED* $11.20

        Ooh - nice I've been after Vanquish - might head to Strathpine on the weekend.

    Weird, whenever I try buy Halo Anniversary the code doesn't seem to work. It applied but the price stays $58

      I think it's because it's $10 off RRP I guess? How silly :\

    Child of Eden (PS3) for $7.50. Can't really go wrong with that.

      I'd buy that for a dollar!

      Or yeah... even 7 and a half of them.

    Would it be worth risking buying some pre owned stuff online since they already closed down my local GAME or is the chance of me actually seeing any purchases I make so slim I just shouldn't bother?

      I bought all pre-owned and they came with no issues. I guess the only risk is the game not working properly, in which case you actually have no recourse whatsoever.

    Dammit! I bought some games there yesterday at 40% off. If only I'd waited one more day.

    Ignore the haters, I went into store and did a pay check.
    EB cheaper? Dream on those pricks still try for full rrp on new releases.

      except when EB had their sale last week and game were still 40% off, the stuff I wanted was by far (at least $5+) cheaper at EB.

      Yes, god forbid a company sell stock at the recommended retail price... It's just rude, it is....

        I understand what your saying Freakshow but the longer game stores in Australia pretend that local RRP is fair the longer local distributors will rip us off. Currently I can buy 1 unit cheaper from OS than retailers can buy 1 even though they may purchase 1000+ units.

    Kinda cut that I didn't hold out until 60% off, since all the games I bought are still there. Oh well, still got some good bargains.

    I'd be interested in buying something had I not already own the games or don't want the games that are discounted...

    When I went past the Game store at Marion in SA last week they had just slapped a cardboard "Game Traders" sign over the Game one and seemed to be operating like normal. Not sure if Game Traders just bought all their stock etc. It's strange as the Game Traders store is only a couple of hundred meters down the mall.

    Bought Binary domain on 360 for $21.60. First time shopping with them ever I think. Anyone know how long it takes for delivery?

      You'll most likely get it on Tuesday/Wednesday. Unless you live in some weird country town.

        Nope, I recieve games around 5 working days from OGS so I'll be fine. Cheers for that.

      Up here in Brisbane it took a week (bought Black Ops from them earlier in the year)

      Make sure you're there when the courier arrives - if you're not there to get it you have to call or request a redelivery on their site. It adds two or three days to delivery (worse if you missed a Friday delivery before a long weekend). Not Game's fault, but annoying.

    Shame i didn't see this earlier today, would have probably picked up a couple of old games i was considering with the 40% sale. Ah well. Good luck to GAME, hopefully they wont be MiA for long.

    call me crazy but it seems they have bumped up RRP to sell games at 60% off; which actually equals still quite a bit?

    Just tried adding Max Payne 3 to cart but it didn't go down by 60% after using voucher.

      Because the 60% off doesn't count for already discounted items........

    It looks like they are banking on the fact that consumers won't check how much they are being charged without paying, personally I found it really confusing as to what "already discounted" means since every single item had a "RRP $120 Our Price $100" or similar, I ended up buying something which I was sure wouldn't be 60% off only to find the guy at the counter gave me the discount, thinking that I was wrong about the discount I just checked the website to find that the 5items valued around $80 each in my checkout got a discount of around $50 when i entered the coupon when it should have been more around $160 off, so yeah seems like some foul play to me.

      Sounds like you need to calm down Otoha, cause the sale doesn't apply to already discounted items.
      You take what you can get in these kind of sales...

    I got a preowned Kinect for $38 today. Included Kinect Adventures.

    Picked up 5 other games also.. The most expensive was Battlefield 3 LE for $34.
    LA Noire for $12 was awesome!

    Still more expensive then OZGameshop

    Been to the local game, sale is a sham. Retail as a whole is overtop price

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