The Wii U's ZombiU Could Be Stealing The Scene On Other Platforms

Ubisoft's new zombie game ZombiU really impressed me when I played it at E3.

As it turns out, despite its reliance on the Wii U's second handheld screen, the game might not be exclusive to Nintendo's upcoming console after all. Speaking with IGN, Ubisoft's Tony Key said that the game might at some point come to the Xbox and PS3.

To do that, it would have to use Microsoft's SmartGlass software and the PS3's ability to connect to the Vita.

Sounds cool and makes sense. Wii U players should still get to play ZombiU well before everyone else, since it will likely take a long time to get the game working on those other, relatively untested platforms. "I'm not saying that can't be done," Key told IGN, "but not in the next six months, you know?"

E3 2012: ZombiU Could Go Multiplatform [IGN]


    Well it's not all that surprising we'd see Wii U games ported to other consoles. Xbox seems the more accessible for SmartGlass purposes, having to buy a seperate PSVita to play if you don't have one already is less so.

    That said, can the game be played without a tablet device? I haven't watched any demos of it, and I don't see it selling well on other platforms if the PSVita/SmartGlass thing is an absolute necessity - not everyone with an Xbox has touchscreen smartphones, not everyone with a PS3 has a Vita, whereas you can safely assume anyone with a Wii U has a tablet controller.

      While not everybody has touchscreen smartphones, I think there would be enough of them to make it worthwhile.

      Vita... not so much. Unless Sony decide to get serious about the platform which, judging by they're E3 conference, they're not.

    Think about using a control pad and either a tablet or phone or a vita in game. To interact with any of the mentioned devices you may have to drop your controller and pick up your device to begin interacting with it as opposed to the Wii U where it already is in your had all you have to do is take one had off and interact with the screen, so in other words for ps3 or 360 you have to drop the controller to pick up the other device, and in game that can get pretty annoying. Sure having it laying beside you or on your lap might be easier but it doesn't compare to the convenience and integration of the Wii U Gamepad. Its one of those sounds good in theory (smartglass/vita) but in practice it might not be as practical

      Not necessarily the the PS3 as you can use the Vita as the controller but you're right about the Xbox smartglass.

    They'll just redesign the lockpicking games not to need a tablet. Fairly simple.

    Still use third person revolving camera, but put the minigames in a picture-in-picture mode.

    Simple enough.

      Yeah but if they do that it will be the same as any zombie survival game already available. The whole reason that makes ZombiU different is the way it used the Wii U gamepad and how it adds to the frantic survival nature of the game. Take that away it may not be the same game.

        Any other zombie game available? Me and a mate watched the ZombiU footage and we didn't care a rats about the wii u stuff, just the hardcore permadeath survival focused zombie game: something we were waiting for a long time and the closest out there is some browser game and an Arma 2 mod.

          Yeah the Permadeath is the big one - though a lot of those waggly moves (shaking zombies off you and such) could be achevied with Kinect/Six Axis - it's just the door code minigame thing and the whole scanning for zombies bit that might have to be modified. Having said that though they should keep it Wii U exclusive for a while - it will be a system seller.

    I have to say that i really enjoyed your impressions of the ZombiU hands on. Good stuff - a good read.

    Question is, how well will the PS3 and 360 can handle this extra data too and from the controller? That aside your going to have to transfer a program over to one of these devices to use it. WiiU might not look that much more powerful but it is processing all the graphics for both the big screen and little!

    It could happen. I just think it is going to be a lot more difficult than it is currently ont he WiiU.

    It'd take some trickery to make it happen, given that Vita is a separate piece of hardware rather than in integral part of the console, but I'm yet to see anything the WiiU can do which a PS3 / Vita combo, theoretically, can't.

    With the 360 it is indeed plausable in theory to port it for revenue since most people these days own a smart device, however the issue with having to switch between controller and said device could cause issues with reviewers.

    With the PS3, In theory it could work better since no switching is required as the Vita could be used as the controller too, however the Vita is selling really poorly so to purchase both a PS3 and Vita might be a turn off to consumers who don't already own both. It's part of the reason why the Gamecube-GBA connectivity games never took off.

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