This Crysis 3 Screenshot Is Sticky Like An Arrow To The Chest

My, there certainly is a lot going on in this Crysis 3 shot. We've got those CELL dudes from Crysis 2 back, haplessly wandering around as usual, waiting to get killed.

But now, our nanosuit-wearing protagonist (Still Alcatraz? You know, I weirdly love Crysis 2 and I can't remember what happened to the dude in the end)... anyway, our nanosuit-wearing protagonist is ready to stick some arrows into 'em.

And hey, over there by a tree is one of his victims, stuck with an arrow like a chump.

Lookin' good, Crysis 3.


    Hooray! My clothes washer is included in Crysis 3!

    I can't remember what happened to Alcatraz in the end either, it was all wuhhhhh to me haha. Doing another playthrough now to refresh.

    If thats in game or in-engine, then my god we're lookin at the new graphical benchmark

      depends if that shot is of a corridor level or an open ended level.

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