This Is Why You Shouldn't Give Pikachu Acid

Although, after he stops completely freaking out, he does take a fascinating trip through space. Those morphing shapes and colours seem delightful too.

It kind of reminds me of that really trippy episode of Xavier.


    If only that is how it worked. Would love a poke ball with muck in it.
    And am I the only one that always finds the representation of acid to be way off? That is more like shrooms.
    Anyway had to laugh at the 6th gen chair pokemon.

      Nope I think its a decent representation... it might be a little bit sensationalised.. But those colours are amazing! :P

      I really don't think realism was the intended direction here..

        No but even in movies the representation of a "trip" always seems to be what people who have never been on one imagine it is.

          True, but really it's pretty hard to communicate what a trip is actually like with just image and sound, especially to someone who hasn't experienced it before.

          As for silly things, that video was pretty freakin' awesome LoL

    This is familiar. I think I reddit somewhere else.

    That was quite awesome. The trip sequence was amazing.

    completely lost my shit at 1:35. This is fantastic.

    And I thought the creators of pokemon were on acid LOL

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