This New Game Looks Exactly Like An Old One (And Sounds Terrific)

Oniken came out last week on the PC. Yeah, you read that right. The PC. Not the NES, not the Master System, a personal computer, in the year 2012.

So thorough is the developer's homage to the 1980s, though, and in particular Japanese side-scrollers, that I needed to actually point that out.

Whenever someone makes a "demake", others often complain that it's a waste, that all that art and music and programming could have gone into developing an original retro game instead of a tribute to an existing property. Well, here you go, complainers. This one's 100% original, and has a 100% amazing soundtrack to boot.

You can download a demo, or buy the full game, below.

Oniken [Official Site, thanks Thais!]


    "Over 18 boss figths"
    Would be nice if that attention to detail was put into the trailer too.

      That's seriously all you took away from that trailer?

      Someone clearly missed a few vital points.

    Nintendo needs to get this, and other games like it, onto their 3DS eShop. This is something I'd buy again in less than a heartbeat if I could throw it in my pocket.

    OMG, Badass is the only thing that comes to mind.

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