This Teleporting Stealth Adventure Hardly Looks Like A 'Student Game'

Teleportation is one of the cooler powers available to video game characters — as we learned from EA's Warp, zooming through walls (and into scientists) can be a satisfying, empowering thing to do.

Blink, a student-made game by a team of USC, looks to explore stealth via teleportation in a 3D, Portal-like setting. Looks interesting.

It's even got a trailer and everything:

You can find out more at Blink's official website.


    Err, hello?
    Hi, it's Gabe Newell, I was hoping you guys might come over to Valve HQ and show us that game of yours....

    Blinking is easily my favourite mechanic in video games in a broad sense, it all started with The Frozen Throne and never let up. Colour me intruiged.

      Blink stalkers in SC2, my fav!

    Does anyone remember a game that was never released called Cypher Complex? It was a stealth action game about being so fast that enemies didn't have a chance to see you. This looks similar.

    the idea of teleporting in, assassinating someone and teleporting out is one of the main reasons im so excited for Dishonored
    that said this looks promising too

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