THQ Chooses Today Of All Days To Fire Employees, Close Studio

THQ Chooses Today Of All Days To Fire Employees, Close Studio

On the very day the deal was publicly announced which saw the rights to the UFC franchise pass from THQ to EA, the former has reportedly closed its San Diego studio, which was last responsible for WWE All Stars.

Kotaku has heard from some affected that, yes, most employees were informed of the decision today. The first day of E3. About as busy a day in the games press as you’re ever going to get.

The studio had apparently been working on THQ’s next UFC game, which is obviously no longer needed.

We’ve contacted THQ for confirmation, and will update if we hear back.


  • That’s sad news. My heart goes out to all the talented developers affected. Chin up, guys and gals – crisis is just another word for opportunity!

  • from what I understand its the studio that worked on the UFC & WWE titles, so with any luck, the devs that have been laid off will follow the UFC licence & get picked up by EA.

    but yeah… way to be sneaky THQ.

      • With the project turnover rate at the big EA campuses and more specific studios I doubt they’re in a precisely undisturbed or homogenous group 2 years later. Chances are EA will look to key people who’ve worked a similar project, so maybe you’re right but a lot of the work, in a company as large as EA’s views will be easily transferable to developers with non-genre-specific technical abilities.

  • I hardly think they released the news today just hide it amongst all the E3 news. WHat are THQ afraid of? Back-lash from gamers? This isn’t politics. It’s not like bad news makes them loose ‘votes’.
    but that said, this is shitty news. Hopefully the artists and programmers can find work at better and more stable studios.

    • its a business. bad publicity is bad for business. the closing of a studio will scare off investors, so it will hurt financially.
      so it makes sense that they’ll try to divert attention away from it.

      • Given they’ve been given an official warning that they may be delisted from Nasdaq and they’ve been considering a reverse split on their shares (open knowledge apparently on the stock market) I doubt this can come at a worse time for them, irrespective of E3.

      • No one is investing in THQ these days. They look like poisoned stock to everyone. The sad part is a lot of the remaining shares are held by former employees, since they gave stock options as bonuses. And even worse, it was about the time they got the Australian studios that they started issuing these options.

  • I doubt this is about PR. What brand are they going to damage – they lost the relevant licenses. I think this probably has more to do with minimising the damage to the stock price.

  • I feel for the employees who’re suddenly out on their asses, but WWE All Stars was a terrible, terrible game.

  • Doesn’t EA have enough sports licences as it is!!? Talk about kicking THQ when they’re down (this does not excuse trying to bury the news which is a shameful tactic used mostly by the Australian government)

  • THQ hasn’t made a quality sports game in ages.
    2K and EA don’t ever have to think twice about them becoming a competitor, and they don’t. EA had no problem letting THQ have UFC, and now look who’s come running back to apologize and bring their ip with them.
    I say let the dinosaur rot and fade away. It would be good for UFC to separate themselves from a non-sports oriented company anyway.
    And maybe this way more $$ can be put into games like the Darksiders series. The second in the series is good, but left a whole lot to be desired. Not nearly as impressive as the other titles for the Wii U this year at E3.

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