Watch Stealthy Vs Not-So-Stealthy Assassinations In Dishonored

These two gameplay videos of Arkane Studios/Bethesda's stealth-action game, Dishonored, give you a look at what Jason saw at E3.

If you were curious about how exactly the stealthy and more action-oriented attack approaches might pan out, look no further than the two videos here.


    Looks really amazing,
    A mix of Thief, Bioshock, and Deus Ex.....ME LIKEY!

    I think it looks dreadful. Graphics and physics look unbearably bad. The combat looks about 10 years out of date. :S

    I cannot get enough of free-choice gaming (Deus Ex, Thief, etc). Day one purchase.

    Looks great. Would like to see it run on PC, would like to see PC key bindings to different powers so they can be used in quick succession.

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