While You Were Sleeping

Man, it took a while for my wife to discover Game of Thrones, but now that she has, she is a merciless, no sleep having harpy that makes me watch the show constantly without sleep. I am so tired. But I am HERE! And I bring news of the gaming variety!

Ooh new MacBook Pro. I don't need this $3000 right? Apparently the new MacBook Pro is actually good for games. I'll believe it when I see it. I have a MacBook Pro, but the only game I've ever played on it is Limbo. I'd like to be convinced.

That Half Life remake is sure taking its sweet time. Look, I find it hard to be critical at all given these people are doing everything for free! Here are some new screenshots. It's still on!

This jumbo PS Vita is cool, Kojima talks Metal Gear SOCIAL? And Animal Crossing for 3DS is still alive and well.

In Short Apple's New MacBook Pro Will Make Video Games Look Gorgeous Animal Crossing For 3DS Is Still Alive Half Life's Agonising Remake Still On New Screens Released Jumbo PS Vita With Humans In It One Day Metal Gear Solid Could Evolve Into Metal Gear Social


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