Why Kotaku Australia Should Never Work With Children... Or Robots

Earlier this week I visited the Good Game team at the ABC, to see an early screening of the 100th episode of Good Game: Spawn Point, the massively successful spin-off show for younger audiences. Incredibly the team said they wanted to create something special for Kotaku — and featured me in a special 'Ask Good Game' segment — exclusively for Kotaku!

Then this morning they sent me this — the fully edited piece. I was pretty blown away, and want to give a massive thanks to the entire Good Game team for taking the time to — not only show me around the studio — but to act out, record, and edit the above segment!

I'll have a full report on my visit to the studio next week. There are some incredible stories about how much of an impact Good Game: Spawn Point has on younger gamers and I can't wait to share them.

P.S. I love you DARREN.


    I had the pleasure of meeting Janet at an engagement party she really is an enthusiastic and passionate producer.

    go mark.

    Interesting answer to the wargame question though. Handled well.

    Why do you look like Simon Pegg?

    Oh I'm mean.

      The question should be "why does Simon Pegg look like you?"

        Maybe they're long lost twins. But not in a split embryo sort of way, in a "the Gods created one, they liked it so much they created another"?


    I used to think Darren was cool.. Then I tried to spark up a conversation with him on twitter, and he just ignored me.. Not replying to a fellow bot is just poor form :( You broke my circuits Darren!

      He replied to me once, it was about Daleks, apparently he is related... I wouldn't want to get to know him =P

    Haha that was great. I'm sorry Mark but your accent had me cracking up at the stuff they had you reading =P

    I really need to watch Good Game more often, especially when it's airing cause I love joining in on their live tweet session.

    My family is all from Paisley Glasgow, and i understand them so much easier than you Mark!

    --Scene: Mark, shirt ripped in a fit of passion, is standing in the middle of the street, positioned beneath Darren's window in the GG:SP building.
    It is raining.--

    Mark (cupping hands to mouth): DARREN! HEY, DARRREEEEEN!

    --Upstairs, DARREN looks out the window, pauses, then heads out to the balcony. Hex attempts to stop him, only to be stopped by Bajo--

    Bajo (to Hex): Don't.....don't get involved

    -- Meanwhile, on the street --

    -- DARREN appears, slowly starts to descend a ramp to the street. A long descent takes place; Mark falls to his knees, hugging DARREN tightly.

    They embrace; Mark lifts DARREN onto his shoulder --

    Mark (muffled, to DARREN): Don't ever leave me, baby!

    -- End scene --

      Stay tuned for the next episodic entry of: A Streetcarobot Named Darrenire

    I find myself watching Good Game every week, and for an australian show its great. They do an awesome job at giving their views and opinion on games and more so it feels fresh enough for me to come back each week... Great Job :D

      This! and their involvement with the fans in the community is great. I've found myself having convo's with Bajo on twitter a number of times.

      Honestly - I stopped watching after Junglist left because I thought the games coverage was pretty lousy. That said, everything else about the show is well done.

    Mmmmmmmm... HEX. I want to Level 80 her so bad.

      Last I checked Level 80 = drink tea and exchange kind pleasantries!

        Throw in a scone, and count me in.

        I was tempted to ask for a muffin, but that would just be bad taste.

        How did I not know this? I need to Level 80 more often! Especially if we include DeeK's idea of Scones.

      Watch out mate! I know the XP bonus is tempting but if she's a higher than level 80 you'll end up like a male praying mantis after you're done!
      (and I don't mean like the Mantis Men from Portal 2 either!)

        Mate i would be happy to be black widowed and lying in a pool of my own unworthyness after drinking tea and exchanging pleasantries with Hex.
        But in all seriousness I would happily court her in a repectful and gentlemanly way and if she rejected my approach i would retreat, accept defeat and wish her a good day.

          ...followed by a night of brutal w**king and crying!!

            Or 'cranking'.

    Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *gasps for air* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Good work with the accent. Could almost pass as Scottish. :P

      Almost. It's funny when he drops the accent and the ridgy-didge ocker voice comes out.

    Yew! Nice Serrels!


    How convenient that Mark got to answer a Naruto question AND a Trials Evo question.

    Shenanigans I say. SHENANIGANS!!!

      Oh hi Mark! So how's your sex life?

    No subtitles. What do?

      Smile & nod, it's our only option /o\

        Then rotate slowly on your chair

          and then commence the stare?

    Haven't watched an episode of Good Game since Junglist was axed for a female clone of Bajo.

      Glad I'm not the only one. :P

        I still catch it sometimes if the TV is on, but I used to always download it or make sure I watched it when Jung was on it.

          Yeah, I tried watching after he left, but I found I rarely agreed with either host(shocking considering most of their opinions/experience with games seemed to be the same)

    Reading those questions, speeling mastakes and all: pure gold!

    I always wondered what a smiley sounded like. Thanks Mark!


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