Apple Store Rips Down Torchlight Ripoff

The mall cops in the iTunes App Store today finally ejected Armed Heroes Online, a Chinese-published MMO, sold only in iTunes' Canadian store, which evidently stole most, if not all, of its audiovisual assets from the PC dungeon-crawling hit Torchlight. The takedown came about a week after demands from Torchlight's lawyers.

That doesn't mean Armed Heroes publisher EGLS is slinking off. It released a defiant statement that ... I think? both claims it did nothing wrong while offering to modify the game to resolve any disputes. The statement, per PocketGamer:

Players always come first. There, we prefer to modify some parts of Armed Heroes Online where have caused those disputes rather than go on arguing. As long as this carves out a way out of angry disputes, it will be definitely worth our efforts."

At last, we want to make clear, if necessary, that we would like to submit the documents, files and other materials related to the game developing to Apple to prove the originalities of the game and the efforts we devoted into the game developing.

On Saturday, Travis Baldree, the president of Torchlight publisher Runic Games, told Kotaku that Armed Heroes' copying was so comprehensive it even included the sound effect for a "joke weapon" in Torchlight — a sound effect which is the voice of a Runic developer.

Baldree also told Joystiq that he looked through the files for Armed Heroes and found a sound asset manifest that was "verbatim all of our sound files, including our own misspellings."

Apple's removed the game from its stores and, one assumes, it won't be coming back.

Alleged Torchlight copycat Armed Heroes taken down from App Store [PocketGamer]


    good news indeed! I hope EGLS is going to be paying the bill for Runic's lawyers too!

    Come on. Misspelled files, joke sound fx, "offering" to change stuff that's caused dispute - they still have the gall to say it's original?

    "we prefer to modify some parts of Armed Heroes"
    So youre going to 'modify' the entire game then?

    Good - Jerks.

    This is what copywright and IP protection is for, not creating stupid patents like 'look and feel' or rectangles with 'rounded corners'.

      Youre confusing two different things though. Patents and Copyright.
      And these guys are just plain sloppy at covering their tracks as well. "...copying was so comprehensive it even included the sound effect for a “joke weapon” in Torchlight — a sound effect which is the voice of a Runic developer.".

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