Assassin's Creed III Sure Knows It's July 4

This trailer is still a little too YEAH AMERICA for my tastes, especially given the series' normally restrained take on matters historical, but then, this was put together for the Fourth of July.

Hopefully the actual game plays more like history, and not like a Mel Gibson movie.


    No. Bugger of with this yank flag waving bullshit

    The more I see of AC3 the less I like it. It is starting to come across as very "rah rah america". I find it very off putting.

      yeah this trailer is a little disconcerting, but ubisoft can't possibly be that foolish as to alienate the rest of the gobal market by proving a game that is in line with this kind of flag waving jingoism.

      im sure as hell will be waiting until after release to decide if i am geting this

    OK, im an aussie, so excuse me for my un-enlightend point of view, but this is a game set during the American Revolution is it not? like it or not you will have "yank flag waving bullshit" out the whazoo. stop bitching about a game you know you will play, and love. if not stop looking for a place to troll [email protected]#$%rs.

      Mate, your trying to put logic into people's blog comments.
      It's a fruitless endeavour

      Its pretty funny how much of the stuff in the trailer still applies to America today!

      "I refuse to learn the history of a country I'm never going to see"

      "I ask for god to look the other way"

      They just needed to add, I speak AMURICAN not English.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    You know, i'm really tired of this culture of 'hate on America'. Whats wrong with people loving their country? Plus, anyone that actually understands how the United States came to be, would understand why Americans love their country so much.

      because that not whta the rest of the seiries has been about

        I understand history and I know that the idealized version of the American revolution is not really the whole story, for a start it was more of a civil war than one nation against another there were as many 'Americans' fighting to stay a part of the the British empire than to break away, secondly after the war America did not suddenly become the bastion of freedom that the idealized version would have you believe, the constitution did not come into effect until years later, before that there was the articles of confederation that limited voting rights to only men of wealth, also slavery. The reason people get annoyed is because history is more complex than legend and more interesting if a little less passionate.

      Isn't Ubisoft French?

    Of course Australian's and other countries in the world love their home country, but they don't make a feature film starring Mel Gibson about how much they love it...

    I love how doomsday movies like 'the day after tomorrow' where 'the world freezes over' but actually it's just America.... and the rest of the world is sweet.

    After the naval battle videos I was starting to think this might be where I reenter the series. Unfortunately, I won't play games without a decent story, and from the marketing it looks like "Black Hawk Down: Civil War Edition".

    It's 4th of July and Ubisoft are just trying to get a large population excited about the game as they run with their national holiday hype.
    If this was released for E3 I would be concerned but as it is, just marketing to people during a holiday with what they want to hear on that day

    I can understand the marketing behind it, but this is really quite terrible. The last thing I want to see is more 'Merica flag waving dickery in vidya games. Plus it boggles me mind that the protagonist of the title; being a native american, is all pro-yank... it's not like they were buddies against the brits... if any kind of side taking should be portrayed, it should be the Natives vs the Brits & Yanks.

    Beyond that July the 4th is such a joke of a holiday; celebrating the fact that a bunch of rich, aristocratic, white slave owning men didn't want to pay taxes.

    Well if we take into consideration the previous games, I don't think Americans are going to be portrayed in the best light.

    Pro tip: Colonist back then loved England, and very much disliked the civil uprising.

    This trailer only tailors itself to USAUSAUSA NUMBER 1 GOGO MERRIKA.

    Based on history I think the Americans deserve to be proud of their efforts, especially during the war of independence. They were heavily outnumbered and definitely were the underdogs but came out victorious. I don't like arrogance but let em be happy, especially with this trailer on Independence Day, they would feel pretty patriotic. I don't really care who Ubisoft are marketing for, I know I'm going to enjoy this game and thats that.

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