Fine Art: Bikini Cowgirls, Heavy Rain And Zombies Lead This Concept Art Parade

French artist Morgan Yon has worked for big clients such as Ubisoft and Quantic Dream, on games such as Heavy Rain, ZombiU and movies like Prince of Persia and GI Joe.

His work is incredible. We featured some of it a while back, back when Heavy Rain was in the news, but that was then (when we only showed a few Heavy Rain images), and this is now (and we're showing a ton of images from all kinds of stuff.)

You can see a lot more stuff over on Morgan's personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    nsfw much

      agreed, NSFW tag would of been really bloody nice! Opened this at work and now IT will be asking questions.
      If I lose my Job then I will hope you lose yours too

        While there is defiantly sexual content in there It really dose come across as artistic rather then pornographic to me. I'd find it hard to imagine being fired over it (I should not i'm actually at work right now).

          Isn't Kotaku NSFW in the sense that you aren't actually working?

          Do IT check every picture you look at for boobs?

    Pretty sure i saw a young Randy Blythe near the middle

    Good to see your an asset to your company reading video game websites...

      Does it matter what I do during my breaks?

        When you say you hope someone loses their job...yes I would say it does.

          That makes no sense at all.... First you quote I'm a great asset to my company reading gaming sites at work... You wouldn't know the first thing about my work or my work ethics. To add to that I have been browsing Kotaku for years now whilst at work on my "break" so it has nothing to do with being a asset hence I wasn't officially working at that stage.
          Kotaku is a public yet professional gaming news site. To have stuff like this posted without a NSFW tag is not a good image and can affect other people as 1000's of companys have internet access now days and Staff browse these sites.
          If Kotuka want to keep posting "nudity" then just throw a simple "NFSW" tag so 1000's of people who have a strict work places won't risk their jobs.
          Clearly you can see I'm quite worried about my Job now due to someone else actions and hence me lashing out in my first post.
          Just to clear it up, I don't want Kotaku content to change, I read/look at these type of news items at home and think "Cool".

    I'm jealous of people who can drawn. Most of that is amazing.

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