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It's back! Community Kudos is back. Sorry about last week. I was too busy catching major Zzzs, and recovering from the sleep deprived madness to put together last week's post. But normal service has resumed!

Sometimes when writing Community Kudos after a week break, it's difficult to remember precisely what happened during the week previous. Especially when I spent that week stumbling around like Zombie Sam Worthington post-lobotomy. Yes, that was my life.

But having a look, it seems like TAY has sort of shrunk a little. Either the majority of communication is being done over twitter, or the crazy amount of real life interaction has had everyone sick to death of one another. Either way, TAY hasn't been banging in quite the same insane way it was.

It's probably a good thing. TAY was hitting breaking point, it's probably a good thing for it to shrink a little bit! People were finding it a little hard to follow, especially me. It's a cycle.


Alright, onto the kudos.

One of the very first Kudos's (I'm making this a word) was from Cakesmith and the nom was for Kermitron. Who I think is awesome. The nom was for this post that was originally a comment, but was actually so interesting and well written that I had a number of folks asking me to post it on Kotaku's front page — which I did.

Kermitron also got a nom from DAN! But he nommed everyone so it totally means less...

Getting in early before you succumb to madness brought on by sleep deprivation. If you do become a walking zombie, can I ask that you don't eat anyone's face? If I hear another news story about the zombie apocalypse I just might go blind from intense eye rolling.

My noms are for grown up stuff that happened on the twitters, so not sure if it counts. (side note: Apologies to all for my absence on TAY due to actually having to do work)


Kermitron - For offering me advice on public liability insurance for making movies

f4ction - For giving me his Mum's contact info so I could ask her advice re: public liability insurance for making movies.

f4ction's Mum - For being soooooooo incredibly helpful. Seriously, man. Amazing.

This bit was the best though...


Shiggy - 'nuff said.



Noms were sporadic during the last two weeks. They had no rhyme or reason. Usually I try and piece them altogether into a lovely, easily digestible story, but this week I'm just going to drop them on you. BOOM.

Red Artifice dropped the 'nom bomb' all over The Cracks, all up in his grill, for gifting him some sort of PSN code for Shadow of the Colossus stuff. I don't know what it was, it's all confusing to me!

I personally thought this nom from Lamboman007 was the best, partly because it was the exact opposite of the situation I had with Strange when I first became Kotaku Editor and just assumed that she was a guy! I had the same problem with Harli!

I'm giving Joshy206 a nom, because for some reason he thought I was a chick, and was rather shocked to learn I wasn't when he watched that vid I posted the other day. I assume a lot of my tweets now make sense to him? Or maybe they just make even less sense now... :P

Poor Joshy!

Virus hopped on board the nom train, and stopped at station Crazyguy1990. I realise this metaphor doesn't really make sense, so I'll just choo choo right along. The nom was for gifting Deus Ex: Human Revolution, right out of the blue!

A lot of Community Kudos noms from last week and this week came in the form of support for my pathologically stupid sleep experiment. Alexpants nommed Puppylicks for being funny (kinda like nomming the sky for being blue) but he also said this:

I hope you're asleep right now or something. If the situation's getting as bad as you were saying in those late night tweets, it might be best to just let it go. But kudos to you for lasting this long! I know I couldn't have kept this up for longer than a day or two. On that note, I wanna give a nom to the whole community for their concern and support for you over the week.

I want to do the same. Thanks everyone. Honestly, it was a bit stupid, but I wanted to try. I wouldn't have gone as long if it wasn't for the fact I knew people were cheering for me to keep it up. And thanks so much for your concern — I was fine after a good night's sleep and there were no lasting effects! YAY!

Scree also did the same — she wanted to thank the Kotaku community for supporting me. But also nommed the Rocketman for finally sending her the Hard Drive he promised.

What is it with Scree and technology? Are you like Angus Kidman and you always find ways to totally break things?


Alrighty then. Have a great weekend! And congrats to Kermitron, who is the winner of this week's Community Kudos.

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congratumalations Kermitron!

    Also, I think there should be some sort of fight between Shane and Strange(maybe via their children) in Tag form. Certainly, Shane has the upper hand atm.

    Congrats Kermitron!

    And I don't blame Joshy for thinking lambo is a girl :P. Who knows now a days...

    Aww yeah, two times the bridesmaid, but now it's my special day. I want two thank you all for being such marvellous people and filling my days with the minutiae from your varied and sometimes perplexing lives.

    In exchange for this honour, which has graced the brow of many of our community greats from Chuloopa to Shiggyninty, from Doc What to Lady Strange, I'd like to share this short story:

    In the beginning, there was an end.

    Holy crap, that was as deep as me in your mother's ettiquette correspondence course. Because she is a classy lady, and you should call her more often, you selfish prick.

    Oh god, things do seem to constantly be breaking on me. D= Well, this time it's Windows fault.

    Congratulations Kermitron! After such a long and thought provoking post you deserved it.

    Congrats Kermstar, (we are on nickname terms right?). ;)

    Well done, Mr. Kermitron. I didn't entirely agree with your article but I certainly enjoyed discussing it with you. :D

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