Community Kudos

Hello everyone! Just a quick one. I am writing this at 11am, because today is the Allure Media Christmas party (it starts in like 30 minutes!) and this is my last day before going on holiday! Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Not too many noms this week, but one from Strange! Hurray! It’s been ages since I’ve had noms from Strange!

I hereby nominate @freezespreston for Kudos for reasons detailed here:

Honorable mentions for @sernobulus and @aliasalpha.

Hope your holidays are incredibly relaxing. 🙂

And noms from one of the nicest human beings on Kotaku Australia, Scree.

Merry Christmas, just in case I don’t nom next week or week after.
Hope you have a good one and get way too much food. It’s what Christmas is about right?

Anyway, nom time.

I would like to nominate Shane, Strange, Tigerion, Gutsoup, Stickman, Benny, Rize and Red artifice for giving me advice on how to deal with a really stupid situation.

I would also like to nominate Gorzilla and Lucifer(insert numbers here) for also helping.
There doesn’t seem to be a resolution in sight due to it being so close to christmas, but hopefully, after Christmas we can sort this stuff out.

Thanks for another great year everyone! Can’t wait to see you all in 2014 and do it all over again.

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I’m am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven’t forgotten, I’m totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.

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