Dude Gets Kidnapped In DayZ, Tweets The Whole Thing

The best thing about zombie mod DayZ is that, because there's not much to do in the thing, people are left to their own devices. Some like to roam solo. Some like to team up and stay alive.

Others like to gang up and kidnap people.

Aussie writer Adam Ruch was minding his own business earlier today in the game when five guys cornered him, pointed weapons at him and took him hostage. What follows is... bizarre, as he leaves breadcrumbs of information for the world of his "ordeal" as he's made the gang's "slave", pressed into service as zombie bait.

You can read the whole thing below.

[View the story "A DayZ Kidnapping" on Storify]


    Wow. This is surreal. I was reading this while it was happening... and then Kotaku AMERICA picks it up? Blind. Mown.

      "While it was happening" refers to when Adam was posting it on Twitter.

      Yeah, when I saw the article I was like "haha, Mark turned it around into an article", then I was like "Oh, Plunkett? Did this happen in the US, too?".

      No and no, apparently. I'm on fire today!

    Sounds like he's got Stockholme Syndrome.

    ... why didnt he just leave server..

      You clearly haven't played DayZ. Events like this are half the fun of it!

      why doesn't an amateur footy player on the losing team just walk off the field during the last quarter...?

        Geez dunno...because real life ain't a video game?

        Because thats dog and the manly thing to do is to see it through to the end win or lose. Well thats what mine team does when we get pumped by syd uni etc in shute shield.

      Lame and pretentious....

    I;m considering getting the actual game just for this mod

      I would have, except my ancient PC won't run Arma2 very well except on super-low settings.

    Sounds similar to what happened to me. A guy pulled up to me in a bus, told me that he is collecting survivors and that he had a mission for us.

    "You'll be the first line of reconnaissance when we get to the NW airfield", went continued saying that he "would arm us" and it is our choice if we want to continue.

    Collected about 8 or 9 survivors in the end. unfortunately I had to get off the bus to tend to real world matters.

    Great game!

    I wish there was a mechanic to actually do this in game, apart from just local chat. Even just robbing people instead of just shoot and loot.

      There's stories of people being held at gunpoint while they dump their inventory on the ground. I fon't know how else you could allow for it to be added to the game mechanics that would be more realistic.

      You can rob them, you just open their backpacks and take what you want.

    he should have logged off just to F with the Kidnappers lol

    This is one of those things that could happen in any game if people bothered to play that way. Fact is, this is one of those 1 in a million things. It's not part of the game anymore than two people in Team Fortress 2 stopping to taunt each other is somehow some miraculous armistice that shows that even opposing soldiers can still be brothers of war. It's not anything.

    I think people look WAY too much into DayZ as if its some brand new playground no ones had a chance to run around in before. It's simply the fact that they've been told to play differently that they are.

      How's life being anti-fun?

        How's life being dismissive? At least address my points. I never said that it was devoid of fun. I said that these sort of events are not only rare, but also not exclusive to DayZ and as Smurf says people treat it differently because of the way it is talked about. And I find that it is talked about with far too much awe. Arma is a TERRIBLY buggy game with virtually no character. It just feels like such a hollow experience, artistically. The guns aren't even fun (hurr durr see what I am doing here?) to shoot. The landscapes are pretty impressive but then the individual villages and towns are devoid of character. The guns lack character. Vehicles lack character. In an odd way it feels like everything is made for an RTS more than a FPS, and I think that reflects poorly on the zombie genre which is all abut stylisation and small scoped stories that are part of a much larger event.

        Moreover, the community is full of asshat, elitist dickweeds who are neither fun, nor impressive, to be around. And lastly: as I said before, the sort of event discussed in this article is nothing special, it's just that DayZ for some reason is being treated as if it is special.

          "It just feels like such a hollow experience"

          Of course it's a hollow experience, to someone completely VOID of any imagination whatsoever. I'm so tired of the whinging gamers, that get butthurt when a game doesn't cater to their lack of imagination and enthusiasm. Not everything has to be portrayed on screen for you and given a button. Open your mind and imagination, games are much more fun that way.

          Where can I download the mod you made????

          And please feel free to elaborate on how you made it so it addresses everyone's interest.

            Sorry XristoslsKing. Wrong reply button. That was meant for A Random

      I sort of agree. But the mere fact of people talking about DayZ as if it's inherantly different causes players to treat it as such, and thus it becomes true.

      "It’s simply the fact that they’ve been told to play differently that they are."
      And that's a good thing.

      While all the things that make DayZ different from other survival games COULD be in other games, they largely are not. So DayZ is where the interesting play/dynamics is at right now. And that's why it gets talked about. It's a sort of feedback loop. And it benefits the players who want to play a game like this.

    He's a writer? And he wrote "I'm they're slave"? Who does he write for?


      He had a bunch of guns in his face! I think we can forgive Adam for trusting autocorrect here!

      Adam once criticised me via facebook for making that mistake. Thing is, I don't even know the guy - he did via a mutal friends wall.

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