FarmVille Creators Are Publishing A Serious, Hardcore Game

If I say the word "Zynga" to you, you probably think stories of shoddy work practices, ruthless non-games like FarmVille, or allegations that they essentially rip other people's games off.

So it's understandable that the social games juggernaut is looking to broaden its horizons a little, and move into more serious territory. That's why Zynga is publishing Horn, an iOS game by developers Phosphor that, for a phone game, looks pretty damn great.

But a little less "borrowing" from Team Ico's art direction might have been advisable.

Zynga's iOS Blockbuster Horn hopes to "replace consoles" [Hookshot]


    Zynga or otherwise, the last thing the world needs is another game with swords or monsters

    I never realized iOS was the hardcore gamer market.

    I'm so sick of hearing about how gaming on a six inch screen, with your fat hands getting in the way of half of that viewing area, will replace a 50inch flat-screen with surround sound. 6 inches is just no fun - just ask my ex-girlfriend..

    Generic 3rd person action. Check. Idiots who think PC/consoles are going to dissapear into thin air. Check. Zynga goes bankrupt...pending...

    Zynga to replace consoles with iOS games. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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